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Katarzyna Krakowiak / Making The Walls Quake As If They Were Dilating… [2013]

Label: Bôłt / BR 1018

1. Making the walls quake as if they were dilating with the secret knowledge of great powers 37:40


  1. cuntrip February 27, 2013

    great powers:
    uk, france, germany and those russia and china shitholes
    japan too, maybe not

    superpower; murica

    • fat slut February 27, 2013

      you sound important

    • To Mega Charlize Therion February 27, 2013

      Well, thank you for showing some leniency toward Japan.
      Perhaps the title refers to regular walls, maybe ones found in your own home. Maybe ones that you, too, could cause to shake through the consolidated focus of your own psyche.
      Or perhaps the the cause of the dilation in the walls is a secret (occult) angelic power that once awakened in your vicinity would cause any 2 dimensional surface to transform itself, the “as if” is your best guess because you are the only singularity in the room recording the event?
      Yet you know it is beyond you.
      “Because” of you, yes, but beyond you.
      Knowable. But “secret knowledge”. The Great Apprehension.
      Pain of Being.

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