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Atoms for Peace / AMOK [2013]

[Label: XL Recordings | Cat#: XLCD583]
  1. Before Your Very Eyes… (5:47)
  2. Default (5:15)
  3. Ingenue (4:30)
  4. Dropped (4:57)
  5. Unless (4:40)
  6. Stuck Together Pieces (5:28)
  7. Judge, Jury And Executioner (3:29)
  8. Reverse Running (5:06)
  9. Amok (5:24)


  1. Tron February 17, 2013

    Thanks homie.

  2. Sound Verite February 17, 2013

    Good looking.

  3. iambic pentameter February 17, 2013

    i know a lot of people have been excited for this but… snore…

    • Greasy Scarecrow Boy February 17, 2013

      If only it was something more exciting like dubstep – those freaking drops are sikk! Autotune 4 eva!

      • ender wiggins February 18, 2013

        you clearly have no idea what dubstep is…….well done on displaying your ignorance

        • Greasy Scarecrow Boy February 18, 2013

          If James Blake and co. counts as dubstep, then I have a pretty good impression of the genre, and it rhythms with ‘boring crap’. But more power to you, Orson Scott Card, never would have pegged a homophobic mormon as a dubstep fan.

          • Michael Jordan February 18, 2013

            american dubstep has been influenced by british artists such as burial and kode9, just ask skrillex.

          • Greasy Scarecrow Boy February 19, 2013

            I guess Burial could be considered dubstep, but, then’s he only the only one of the bunch worth hearing, otherwise I’ll take the plain ol’ dub of Scientist or King Tubby, or anything remotely listenable, over the d-step.

          • dashcam22 February 19, 2013

            I dont care

          • ender wiggins February 19, 2013

            well nah, james blake isn’t dubstep really but keep on displaying that ignorance, chum. ps. you do realise that a) i actually used the name ‘ender wiggins’; not the name ‘orson scott card’ and b) even if i had that wouldn’t actually make me ‘orson scott card’. you see on the internet you can just make up names and stuff, it’s pretty cool.

          • Greasy Scarecrow Boy February 19, 2013

            It was just a joke, my high-strung dubstep-loving comrade. You should try listening to music that isn’t full of subsonic poundings; gets one all tense.

  4. Api February 17, 2013

    This album is awful. terrible stuff. what is this?

    ps. radiohead is my favorite band

    • matt February 18, 2013


  5. Kaar February 17, 2013

    You gotta keep a very open mind with this album. Focus on the atmosphere and don’t let the cryptic lyrics discourage you. You come away from this album with any interpretation, you just have to listen to the words and sounds.

  6. mom February 17, 2013

    dafuq is dis, son?

  7. Sol February 18, 2013


  8. cuntrip February 18, 2013

    shit sucks cocks mate

    • buck rogers February 18, 2013

      searched the whole internet for an image of a shit sucking a cock but couldn’t find anything, so i have to say that cuntrip is a liar, which isn’t surprising with a name like that.

      • cuntrip February 18, 2013


  9. slurt February 18, 2013

    thom yorke has really weird ginger hairs on the foreskin of his penis
    but i still licked it until it burped

  10. weirdo February 18, 2013

    grazie x

  11. jpsoundfiend February 18, 2013

    MEH…another uninspired thom yorke sans bandmates effort
    he needs to leave his comfort zone big time

  12. Piscle February 18, 2013

    Re UP Please!

  13. Sonic February 18, 2013

    OMG i couldn’t listen it. Link Broken. :(

  14. Idiol February 18, 2013

    link broken ! D:

  15. pietrone February 18, 2013

    re-up please

  16. Bontis February 18, 2013

    Oh man

  17. MARCEL February 18, 2013


  18. Joshy Washy February 20, 2013

    Some people just have no idea what they’re talking about. NOTE TO ANYONE WHO’S INTERESTED IN THIS ALBUM. DON’T TAKE YOUR HINTS FROM IDIOTS WHO LISTEN TO DUBSTEP. Should be a no brainer. Dubstep is a no brainer, and anyone who would go as far as to compare Thom Yorke to Skrillex knows nothing about music. If you want dubstep, you’re in the wrong place. Go fart into a microphone and upload it to garageband. Dubstep is to music what my shit is to the delicious filet mignon I had to eat lastnight. Fuck Dubstep.

    BTW if you want a link that works for now, here it is:

    • Greasy Scarecrow Boy February 20, 2013

      But tell us, how do you *really* feel about dubstep?

  19. peter March 2, 2013

    please, reupload immediately!

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