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My Bloody Valentine / M B V [2013]

[Label: Self Released | Cat#: none]
  1. She Found Now (5:06)
  2. Only Tomorrow (6:21)
  3. Who Sees You (6:12)
  4. Is This And Yes (5:06)
  5. If I Am (3:54)
  6. New You (4:59)
  7. In Another Way (5:31)
  8. Nothing Is (3:34)
  9. Wonder 2 (5:51)


  1. me, myself February 2, 2013

    easier than getting it from their crashed website. hope the vinyl doesn’t run out before i can get one.

  2. Jumpy February 2, 2013

    wow. what a surprise. can anything be worth a 22-year wait?

  3. Orbis Tertius February 2, 2013

    Sincerest thanks.

  4. slowdevine February 2, 2013


  5. Marco February 2, 2013

    Oh, nodatta make me cry. THX so much.

  6. sharon February 2, 2013

    /N gets posting honors slash braggin rights! hehehehe

    wow even Rapidgator is so slowwww hehehehehehe

    cool, fans must be going crazy :p

  7. mute February 3, 2013

    brb, shitting my goddamn pants.

  8. Soon February 3, 2013


  9. NR February 3, 2013

    Well, this dropped like a thief in the night! I know what I’ll be doing this week now!

  10. Inkey$ February 3, 2013

    NoData rescued my Sunday once again. Kudos.

  11. to all of you, little losers February 3, 2013

    this is a transcode

    • matt February 3, 2013

      You’re a transcode.

      • francesco February 3, 2013

        what is a transcode?
        : ) francesco

  12. geeno February 3, 2013

    oh a new band? fuckyeah i’m always looking for new music, thx nodatta

    • PinkHebrew February 3, 2013

      New band. Hahaha.

  13. Pointdexter February 3, 2013

    Beautiful. Wonderful.
    Happy return!!

  14. the ghost of michael jackson February 3, 2013

    best tag

  15. guydo February 3, 2013

    a lotta Hype ’bout such RUBISH.
    It took 22 years for this FUZZY BLUR !!!!

    • Lolsarefine February 3, 2013

      You obviously hate shoegaze. Go listen to your Alt-J/Django Django crap, you dumbass.

  16. all of you February 3, 2013

    all of you, little losers, are so happy to download transcodes

    • Hey February 3, 2013

      That was kind of poetic.

    • c. February 3, 2013

      hey bukowski hey

  17. nonrecoveringbetaddict February 3, 2013

    i still prefer his brother’s music.
    rollerkate skinny – shoulder voices. check it.

    • zp February 3, 2013

      So so true. They continued to be great even after Jimi Shields left the band

      • warped February 3, 2013

        rollerskate skinny is the jam

  18. Alberto V M February 3, 2013

    Thanks nodata

    The download in rapidgator is incredibly slow

  19. marcello February 3, 2013

    Thanks nodata!!!!

  20. alan February 3, 2013

    It’ll be another 22 years until the next album after assholes like you steal it.

    • Zoso February 3, 2013

      And who are you? Megaupload police? Suck it up, free downloads ain’t going to disappear, try to be clever for once, download it and pay for going all pogo in their gigs

    • a reviewer February 3, 2013

      fuck off Nostradamus

  21. twat February 3, 2013

    lol album sucks, who cares if it’s a transcode or not.

  22. Rodrodro February 3, 2013

    The band was so much specific abut the quality of the album, said theres no digital process in it, all in it is an analogue wave,
    the digital album is available in 320 , wav and digital album may be flac, i mean they are so conserned about the quality of the mbv experience,, what about the quality of the post???…well im gona download it any way but we`ll apreciate a download format that keeps the hi fi quality, Analogue just like in the loveless times ……..wuujuuuu

  23. poogie February 3, 2013

    first 3 songs good, rest is crap. im a long time fan but call a spade a spade

    • feedthecollapse February 3, 2013

      sorry, I think the new Fleeting Joys is more your speed.

      • poogie February 3, 2013

        excuse me for not being swept up in a wave of bullshit and blindly thinking this album is the album of the decade. dosnt mean i dont still love mbv, just not mad about this album. btw belong and tim hecker are more my speed if you must know

        • Daneil February 3, 2013

          If you got mad, then you are not a truly MBV fan.

  24. Hey February 3, 2013

    tnks bby

  25. mallman February 3, 2013

    love & respect! (:

  26. sharon February 3, 2013

    first of all, who the fuk cares about transcode or not….isn’t the transcode the zipped file= the MUSIC??

    2: i love all of you except for the jackasses.

    if you’re a hater WHY ARE YOU ON NODATA. NODATA IS love

    • francesco February 3, 2013

      : )( :

      • Captain February 5, 2013

        Apparently everyone on the internet is an audiophile these days and prefer their data files lossless. Basically a transcode is a digital lossless file that’s been encoded/converted to an acceptable bitrate mp3. A lot of times people are referring to a certain bitrate mp3 that was converted to another bitrate mp3. For instance some rippers/uploaders will record an album stream that was streaming at 128kbps and convert it to 320kbps.

  27. umm February 4, 2013

    can’t wait for japancakes to do a cover version of this alb

  28. doomy February 4, 2013

    gets better with age, nothing ballistic but better than most shit out there

  29. weirdo February 4, 2013


  30. francesco February 4, 2013

    what about track number six?
    : (
    i find it brutta brutta : (

  31. Kebab Remover February 4, 2013

    it is good to listen this album before i receive my vinyl

    • ? February 4, 2013

      But you don’t need to download from nodata if you ordered the vinyl……..

      • sharon February 4, 2013

        GOD if he ordered the vinyl he especially deserves to download.


        OR WHATEVER.

        STOP IT

        • 0010101011 February 5, 2013

          ooh, feisty. must be blood week. someone get some chocco ice cream stat!

  32. Mr. Bones February 5, 2013

    already deleted it, 2/10 would not pirate again.

  33. Mister February 6, 2013

    Love it. Potential album of the year.

  34. vanillaskin February 6, 2013

    generic vanilla shit for teh YT’s

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