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C418 / One [2012]

1. cliffside hinson
2. surface pension
3. independent accident
4. danny makes chiptune
5. the first million
6. certitudes
7. impostor syndrome
8. buildup errors
9. for the sake of making games
10.preliminary art form cage fight
12.lost cousins drag
14.drunken carboni
15.the weirdest year of your life
17.diskdance department
19.faux video production last game
21.this doesn’t work
22.wooden love
23.disco, C418 – I glove thy flob success depression lego
26.jayson glove
27.clumsiness and innovation pressure
30.Nifflas, C418 – fifflas
31.Laura Shigihara, C418 – tsuki no koibumi


  1. vvtt December 25, 2012

    minecraft musics?

    • Indrid Cold December 27, 2012

      Yup. Soundtrack to the “making of” documentry.

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