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Burial – Truant / Rough Sleeper [2012]

[Label: Hyperdub | Cat#: HDB069]
  1. Truant (11:45)
  2. Rough Sleeper (13:47)


  1. gdfsgsdf December 14, 2012

    i’m paying for this

  2. ¥ December 14, 2012

    You don’t really have to listen to this. You already know it sounds exactly like every other Burial song before this.

    • FERCHOW December 14, 2012

      you’re stupid. don’t tell people what to do.

      • ¥ December 14, 2012

        I’m not telling you what to do, I’m saving you some time from listening to recycled material.

        • FERCHOW December 14, 2012

          you’re wasting my time through this pointless conversation.

        • cpface December 14, 2012

          implying variations on a theme isn’t a valid course of action.

          • dbag December 14, 2012

            if by “every burial record sounds the same” you mean every burial record is a transcendent masterpiece, then yes, they are all the same.

          • Baracka flocka flame December 14, 2012

            sure are a lot of burial cock smokers in here

          • ¥ December 14, 2012

            No dbag, I mean that he uses the same tired old clickity clack percussion that’s been used before by Monolake, and Boards of Canada, and same tired old distorted R N’ B vocals with some repetitious phrase like “Oh Love!” then some “trippy” swelling synth effects over it.

          • warped December 15, 2012

            This is what separates the people who genuinely like Burial from the trend hoppers.

            Burial has never been about a huge variations. His shifts over the years has been more subtle, tweaking emotion and tone. It seems like the music is generally less cold now and this release almost sounds uplifting at points, a word that would have never come to mind describing past Burial stuff.

            His early releases laid the groundwork for so much of the current electronic music landscape that it’s hard for the elements to seem that fresh anymore,but you bitches better recognize.

            I mean come on even he knows he not ,why do you think he puts out these little singles instead of albums?

    • Mook Mook December 15, 2012

      I disagree. The signature sounds are still there but he’s getting way more weird on this one.

      • dbag December 15, 2012

        my first impression was this record is burial with a huge middle finger in the air. he just doesn’t give a fuck. you know he only cares about one persons musical opinion and thats his own (nothing is off limits).

    • dbag December 15, 2012

      omg he uses techniques from bomb artists who came before and makes a new style all his own? haven’t heard of that before…punk, hip-hop, rock, reggae, everything? i’m sorry you don’t think burial is good, i feel sad for you. he’s the best producer out now, period.

  3. FERCHOW December 14, 2012

    purchased the vinyl:>

  4. Stalin December 14, 2012


  5. dbag December 14, 2012

    instantly purchased, you’d have to be an absolute fucking retard not to just go buy it lossless for 2 quid.

    • Baracka flocka flame December 14, 2012

      billions of “absolute fucking retards” on the planet then

      • oh lawd December 16, 2012


    • billy December 15, 2012

      Hey smart ass, before you start calling people retards, try imagining yourself in a third world country ( one that is in a middle of fucking Europe for example, like Serbia is) with a monthly salary of 300 euros and much higher costs of living – buying music is not exactly on your shopping for Christmas list. Plus, there’s other ways we’re supporting musicians than just buying their music, SHARING is one of them! If some of my online friends go out and buy this or any other release after I shared it that’s something, right?

      • Tien December 15, 2012

        So right!
        Salary here (some south Asian country) is $150 at average! Means some of us depend on sharing. How else provide music for you tourists coming here?

        • dbag December 15, 2012

          much love to my foreign brothers, was mainly aimed at us greedy westerners. even at 150$ a month i’m sure you could spring for the 3$ twice a year though.

          • oh lawd December 15, 2012


            “Believe me, I’m “down” with you poor guys over there, I was aiming this at an easy & equally ambiguous target. However, I’m sure your poor ass can still pay for music, thus negating my first sentence.”

            We’re all here to get free music, stop typing words.

          • dbag December 16, 2012

            if you can’t afford 6$ a year for music just go kill yourself.

          • dbag December 16, 2012

            i’m sure the same people complaining about income waste money on bullshit all the time, just like everyone.

          • oh lawd December 16, 2012

            “if you can’t afford 6$ a year for music just go kill yourself.”

            jesus christ. you’re never gonna get it.

          • oh lawd December 16, 2012

            if what “it” is, is what you get. then I don’t want to get “it”. jesus christ lord.

          • oh lawd December 16, 2012

            $6 to someone who makes $150 is the “it”, which I thought was obvious. have you been abroad to a location where that happens, or to a poor area where that’s the case? your argument has been

            “if you can’t afford 6$ a year for music just go kill yourself.” “you’d have to be an absolute fucking retard not to just go buy it lossless for 2 quid.”

            which is internet comment section extreme, but I’m guessing that you can’t relate to people who live in those economic conditions. hopefully you won’t ever have to.

          • dbag December 16, 2012

            150$ x 12 = 1800$. if, out of that 1800$, you spend absolutely 0$ on anything other than clothes, shelter, necessary fuel & food, then I agree you should not spend money on music. if you spend even 10$ a year on alcohol, cigarettes, unnecessary fuel usage, whatever, then set 3 of those dollars aside and pay for the burial release, that’s all i’m saying.

  6. jesus December 14, 2012


  7. umm December 14, 2012

    my captcha was “giddy goat”


  8. warped December 14, 2012

    Is this good?

    • Mook Mook December 15, 2012

      It’s great. A bit awkward with all the starting and stopping, but there is some really, really cool shit going on here. Some moments are even relatively harsh. About 6:40 into the first song is seriously jaw dropping.

  9. baphomet December 14, 2012

    It’s Burial, so it’s good – however not as grandiose as Kindred. More of an haphazard ambient meander. The bar is set high for sure.

  10. chief keef December 14, 2012

    good…but typical, overrated sounds worshipped by euro-trash beard-stroking satchel humpers.

    • oldnik December 15, 2012

      what’s a “euro-trash beard-stroking satchel humper” ?
      Labels, labels, labels….. it’s easier to pin a label on someone so you can then point at them and shout “weirdo” when all it does is demonstrate that you don’t understand someone else’s point of view, the world would be a far greater place if we just accepted people are different, have different views, likes, dislikes, tastes in music etc….
      I don’t particularly like, Lady Gaga and her ilk, but I don’t go trolling on forums, it really is such a cowardly thing to do, you wouldn’t do it to someone’s face, as there would be every chance you’d get bitch slapped into last week.

      • oh lawd December 15, 2012

        it’s a humorous description that’s probably pretty accurate. It doesn’t even read as something offensive.
        Second paragraph is you going on an unrelated tangent.
        Then you start name calling, and hint that their observations about the music warrant “bitch slappings” if said in person? Is that not as inappropriate as what they’re doing? Nice response dawg.

        • dbag December 15, 2012

          i am not from europe, i do not have a beard, and i do not carry a fuckin “satchel”. and burial is fucking god.

          • oh lawd December 15, 2012

            yeah but people who do look like that are probably more likely to listen to this. I swear you all continuously miss the point on purpose.

          • dbag December 16, 2012

            your points are pointless

          • dbag December 16, 2012

            sorry guys my panties are just soaked from this burial music & I’m typing all of this in a huff

          • oh lawd December 16, 2012

            i’m sorry i’m a loser with no taste. i’ll go turn on some katy perry hmmmmpppphhhhh

  11. Clutter December 14, 2012

    Why do people feel the need to insult the fans of music they don’t like? Seems awfully petty to resort to trash talkers others of different aesthetic opinion…

    • embittered lonely trollop December 14, 2012

      because if you comment saying that it’s anything less than stellar, the ultra-fans will make personal attacks against you, you who they know nothing about just like you don’t know them. it’s always the other side’s fault.

  12. pedro December 14, 2012

    it good..i buy. bye

  13. billy December 15, 2012

    thanks again nodata! and please peepz, stop sharing nodata links @ tw & @fb if you want to keep using it!

  14. Bob December 15, 2012

    holy fuck rough sleeper

    • dbag December 15, 2012

      i cried

  15. spellbinder December 15, 2012

    all links down. re-up?

  16. againstthesilence December 15, 2012

    nothing impressing here. kindred ep was much better.

    • dbag December 16, 2012

      spin it again, you will fall in love i promise

  17. francesco December 15, 2012

    quante cose scritte vedo…
    io non mi sento molto bene.

  18. jacob December 15, 2012

    so sad one of the best musicians in electronic music today is alrleady being shunned for being too ‘generic’ or whatever… the man is great

    • dbag December 16, 2012

      i have yet to hear the haters suggest another artist electronic or otherwise who has put out anything as good as burial in the last 5 years. the man is the mozart of our generation. these 2 tracks must have taken a 1000 hours to complete theres like 100 tracks within a track. just insane, a true inspiration.

      • oh lawd December 16, 2012

        hyperbole much?

        • oh lawd December 16, 2012

          hyperbole is an exaggeration, my comment was an underestimation. name your favorite artist so i can laugh at you kid.

          • oh lawd December 16, 2012

            burial. he’s like the mozart of our generation.

            Calling me kid but wanting to have “favorite music artist fights” lol.

          • oh lawd December 16, 2012

            just curious honestly. afraid to say?

          • oh lawd December 16, 2012

            favorite album this year – trust/trst, 2nd tame impala lonerism
            all time artist, probably wu-tang clan.

          • dbag December 16, 2012

            well the trust thing sounds terrible to me but to each his own. dug the tame impala but got kinda repetitive on multiple listens i thought. wu-tang clan are gods no doubt about that. here’s my favorites this year.

            burial – truant
            burial – ashtray wasp
            deadbeat – eight
            deepchord – sommer
            deftones – koi no yokan
            flying lotus – until the quiet comes
            masked intruder – masked intruder
            memory tapes – the black reel
            animal collective – centipede hz
            el-p – cure for cancer
            killer mike – rap music
            grimes – visions
            holy other – held
            mean jeans – on mars
            mind spiders – meltdown
            ooooo – our love is hurting us

          • SkinnyPuppy December 16, 2012

            dbag, good list! I thought with Killer Mike and El-P (fantastic albums) I’d see Aesop Rock too? Also great.

          • dbag December 16, 2012

            really liked the aesop rock too. it didn’t really stick with me like the el-p & killer mike albums did though. zero dark thirty is a fuckin banger of a track tho. i’m a big fan of everything el-p has produced so i’m biased for sure. there’s probably another 20-30 albums this year i really liked and aesop is definitely on it. that list i gave is the albums i actually purchased or will purchase on vinyl basically.

            decent year for hip-hop liked the frank ocean & kendrick lamar but thought they were a bit overhyped.

          • dbag December 16, 2012

            super bored/stoned today. here’s my list of 2012 runners-up.

            actress – rip
            aesop rock – skelethon
            baroness – yellow & green
            bat for lashes – the haunted man
            beach house – bloom
            cat power – sun
            dan deacon – america
            death grips – the money store
            dr john – locked down
            fiona apple – idler wheel
            flaming lips – heady fwends
            frank ocean – channel orange
            grizzly bear – shields
            hot water music – exister
            jacob korn – you & me
            japandroids – celebration rock
            jeremiah jae – raw money raps
            jimmy cliff – rebirth
            kendrick lamar – good kid maad city
            matthew dear – beams
            michael mayer – mantasy
            nofx – self entitled
            passion pit – gossamer
            purity ring – shrines
            silent servant – negative fascination
            tame impala – lonerism
            twin shadow – confess
            ty segall – twins
            white wires – wwiii
            xx – coexist
            yagya – inescapeable decay of my heart
            yeasayer – fragrant world

  19. willshire December 16, 2012

    music for white people

    • oh lawd December 16, 2012

      that’s what country was made for. don’t hear any slide guitars here.

  20. the bogs January 10, 2013

    White ppl stop arguing and reup or post a new link

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