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Wolfgang Haffner / Heart Of The Matter [2012]

[color=grey]01.[/color] Nacho [color=grey](6:10)[/color] [color=grey]02.[/color] Bing [color=grey](7:07)[/color] [color=grey]03.[/color] Luna [color=grey](5:57)[/color] [color=grey]04.[/color] Dom [color=grey](6:32)[/color] [color=grey]05.[/color] Between a Smile and a Tear [color=grey](5:07)[/color] [color=grey]06.[/color] Leo [color=grey](7:11)[/color] [color=grey]07.[/color] Hello [color=grey](4:18)[/color] [color=grey]08.[/color] Melodia del Viento [color=grey](4:14)[/color] [color=grey]09.[/color] Here’s to Life [color=grey](5:53)[/color] [color=grey]10.[/color] Island Life [color=grey](5:01)[/color]

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  1. cwc November 7, 2012

    Step 1: download pirated royalty-free muzac from Pirate Bay. Step 2: Spend 5 minutes creating a cliched cover in Photoshop.
    Step 3: Release it as your own.
    Step 4: Navigate to nodata and read this negative comment.
    Step 5: Fade into obscurity

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