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Sounds From The Ground / Widerworld [2012]

1. Faraway Star [6:36] 2. Ink Spots [4:55] 3. Honey Knuckle [6:39] 4. Raining Leaves [6:43] 5. Step Into Now [6:57] 6. Fields Of Green And Yellow [6:46] 7. Rolling Dice [8:21] 8. Hunters [6:39] 9. Darswana [7:57]


  1. shimmeringstarrs October 24, 2012

    interesting. I remember drifting off to half wakefulness listening to their earlier releases on the Musical Starstreams radio show while I’m sure a large number of people coming to this blog were still in diapers. i got pretty bored of chill out / ambient by 1995.
    i almost feel like i have to check this out though…if only for the novelty of seeing how i respond to this kind of music 20 years later…. and to hear if they’ve grown a single lick creatively in those 20 years.

  2. Rex Mundi October 24, 2012

    Chillout/Downtempo has had a little evolution here and there in the recent 12 years. Just gotta find the right stuff.

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