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The Pineapple Thief / All the Wars [2012]

The Pineapple Thief / All the Wars [2012] Kscope / KSCOPE230 / Limited Edition 2CD

Burning Pieces
Warm Seas
Last Man Standing (*stream or download above)
All the Wars
Build a World
Give It Back
Someone Pull me Out
One More Step Away
Reaching Out

SECOND DISC (acoustic versions)
Warm Seas
Reaching Out
Last Man Standing
One More Step Away
All the Wars
Every Last Moment
Someone Pull Me Out
Light Up Your Eyes

MP3 / 320 / 182 MB


  1. cwc October 3, 2012

    this looks like shit

  2. matt j October 3, 2012

    band names like this are why i dont listen to rock anymore

    • 010110 October 3, 2012

      pray tell, what in your opinion qualifies as a good band name? I’m not disagreeing with you; this is pretty awful

      • matt j October 5, 2012

        just something thats not hella koy, pretentious or self inflicted. u know what im sayin tho. sometimes u can just tell. i jus think good names and album covers are still somewhat underrated especially these days imo..

  3. cwc October 4, 2012

    they stole the cover from temper trap, who stole it from someone else. that combined with a name like “the pineapple thief” (using a serif-font, no less) suggests that this is a complete waste bytes and bandwidth. i demand this album be struck from the internet.

  4. Motherlovemybone October 4, 2012

    Wow what a bunch a sensitive pussies up in here

  5. cwc October 5, 2012

    the only sensitive pussy in here is your moms. it is almost worn out from overuse

  6. Bryce October 5, 2012

    the sensitive pussy is a good band name.

  7. cwc October 6, 2012

    yes Bryce let us start a band called the sensitive pussy and sing drab indie songs about motherlovemybone’s (if indeed that is his real name) moms sensitive, yet worn out vagina. there’d be enough material for at least 3 double albums, a bunch of b-sides, and at least 12,567 dub-step remixes

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