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Chris Cohen / Overgrown Path [2012]

Chris Cohen / Overgrown Path [2012] Captured Tracks / CT-163

01 Monad
02 Solitude
03 Caller No99
04 Rollercoaster Rider
05 Heart Beat
06 Optimist High
07 Inside A Seashell
08 Dont Look Today
09 Open Theme

MP3 / 256 / 61


  1. horseorgan September 28, 2012

    beautiful music!

    • rupert (the bear) September 29, 2012

      i played the horse organ once, it left me stiff for weeks ;)

  2. Ian September 28, 2012

    Been looking forward to this. Thanks!

  3. rupert (the bear) September 29, 2012

    well now isn’t that lovely. are those snowflakes on the cover? thank you ben cohen for bringing christmas to us early this year.
    when december comes around be sure to open the human shaped present carefully, as i’ll be naked, waiting for you to shower down your snowflakes all over my body.
    you can then throw your rope down my overgrown path until the new year.
    love and toodles xxxx

    • Chris Cohen September 29, 2012

      The name’s Chris, you dick.

    • Tilly Pilkington September 29, 2012

      I come here to download good music, not have my brain cells eroded and my moral sensibilities offended by bottom feeding rootless blackguards such as yourself.

      • Bobby Dall September 30, 2012

        ok, now just tap your hand not so gently upon my buttocks while you say that.

  4. vvtt September 29, 2012

    his voice reminds me of Kenny Rankin

  5. peeborgen September 30, 2012

    i met some swiss guy at Union Pool in Brooklyn who had just purchased this record after seeing your show and said you were great live. Thus, I will download it and will look out for your next show. Thanks for being cool.

    Also, any relation to Leonard? Just curious.

  6. francesco October 20, 2012

    so GOOD & SWEET : )
    open (Robert Wyatt) theme…

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