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DFRNT / Fading [2012]

DFRNT / Fading [2012] Echodub / EDUBCD001

01 DFRNT – Silent Witness
02 DFRNT – El Spirito
03 DFRNT – Everyone Is Moving
04 DFRNT – That’s Interesting
05 DFRNT – Deep Into It
06 DFRNT – Prism
07 DFRNT – Cruise
08 DFRNT – Incubus
09 DFRNT – In You Go
10 DFRNT – Our Little Secret
11 DFRNT – Suspended In The Deep

Bonus tracks:
12 DFRNT – El Spirito (Beatless Version)
13 DFRNT – Everyone Is Moving (Beatless Version)
14 DFRNT – Our Little Secret (Think Remix)
15 DFRNT – Silent Witness (Mekha & Zimze Remix)

MP3 / 320 / 237 MB


  1. Liquid Sniper September 4, 2012

    With all those tags how can you loose?

  2. Caustic SMG September 4, 2012

    DFRNT is proud to present his second album “Fading”. Taking the deep dubstep-tinged sounds of his first album (2009s “Metafiction”) and expanding them in to house, techno, dub and ambient terrirories this is certainly a development of the DFRNT sound.
    Following his first album, DFRNT had a string of EP releases, allowing him to explore styles from deep house to drum & bass, from techno to ambient and beyond. “Fading” is a conscious step forward in the Scotsman’s career and marks his move from dubstep towards primarily more deep house and dub-techno based sounds.
    Clocking in at almost an hour and twenty minutes, DFRNT has opted to provide a strong selection of tracks here. Always conscious of his presentation, “Fading” will be available as a 6-panel digipak, with beautiful illustration from Alex himself.
    To go alongside the album, DFRNT is also releasing a limited edition 12” picture-disk EP taking “El Spirito” from the album plus an additional two non-album tracks

  3. BotoxBilly September 6, 2012

    Wonderful stuff.

    • boner September 6, 2012

      wonder stuff?

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