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Grizzly Bear / Shields [2012]

[Warp Records | Cat#: WARP229]
  1. Sleeping Ute (4:26)
  2. Speak in Rounds (4:24)
  3. Adelma (1:02)
  4. Yet Again (5:18)
  5. The Hunt (3:44)
  6. A Simple Answer (6:00)
  7. What’s Wrong (5:44)
  8. gun-shy (4:30)
  9. Half Gate (5:30)
  10. Sun in Your Eyes (7:08)


  1. who August 31, 2012


    • cori August 31, 2012

      nodata never gonna die!!!!!!

  2. abasratsa August 31, 2012

    wowowow, man!

  3. Thedriver August 31, 2012

    Pretty fuck@ng awesome, thanks from Mexico City! I´ll get this on vinyl very soon.

  4. hg August 31, 2012

    nodata is back with vengeance! strong as ever

  5. julio August 31, 2012

    I love !!

    And I love ACC format !!!

    Oh God, did I just had an orgasm ?

  6. Igleasias August 31, 2012

    HOPEFULLY !!!!!!!!!

  7. atlas August 31, 2012

    Check for their reaction/opinion about the leak, downloading, spotify and buying the album.
    basically he says “enjoy the album, but buying it is what supports us the most”

  8. OK September 1, 2012

    I thought the singles for this album were really terrible, couldn’t even tell it was Grizzly Bear at all. Curious to hear the rest, but I think these guys might be done making good records already.. Hope I’m wrong…

    • lil b September 1, 2012

      did they get too popular for you?

    • Sodomising Hipsters Makes Me Sick September 1, 2012

      Get a new set of ears, it’s a lot better than I predicted. And all the boring shit is gone, fortunately; on the other hand, those epic choruses are gone, too, unfortunately.

      Fuck the haters, this is a great record.

      • OK September 2, 2012

        No, they didn’t get too popular for me, I’m actually referring to their new singles which I thought were very forgettable. Don’t get me wrong. I love this band, but I was pretty bummed when I heard there most recent single (can’t even remember the name it was so boring). Still haven’t heard it yet, but yeah, if all the epic choruses are gone, I’m gone too (most likely). I mean I couldn’t even tell that their single was Ed singing on it, didn’t resemble the band at all. Not a hater, just a bit bummed I guess. But there is always that chance that this record will be great like all the ones that don’t sound good on first listen, then soak in and become your favorite album over time. Checking it out now…

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