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R. Stevie Moore / Lo Fi Hi Fives… A Kind Of Best Of [2012]

1. Pop Music
2. Show Biz Is Dead
3. Why Should I Love You
4. Dutch Me
5. Big Mistake
6. The Winner
7. Here Comes Summer Again
8. Hurry Up
9. I Go Into Your Mind
10. You And Me
11. Another Day Slips Away
12. Sentimental Ties
13. Little Man
14. Find Any


  1. Sebu July 31, 2012

    Only DF? C’mon nodata, you can’t keep doing this. All your posters need to shape up. Each poster should provide us more than one filehost. This is getting rediculous. Way too random…

  2. chuck July 31, 2012

    anybody bitching about getting music for free needs to not comment.

  3. blizzack July 31, 2012

    srsly? rediculous? what are you, 12?

  4. Ω August 4, 2012

    It is a strange phenomenon. Alot of people feel, on an unconscious level, that all things ought to be held to a level of excellence thought to be found in federal/state run entities and the promise of a base line level of “customer satisfaction” laid at the feet of us all.
    I grow garden veggies and sell them. You ought to hear how people talk to me. Like I was the DMV or Mc Donnalds. Nodata is neither, yet some of us can’t help but hold them to this ubiquitous standard.
    It kinnda pisses me off.

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