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Laetitia Sadier / Silencio [2012]

[Label: Drag City | Cat#: DC526]
  1. The Rule of the Game
  2. Find Me the Pulse of the Universe
  3. Silent Spot
  4. Auscultation to the Nation
  5. There is a Price to Pay for Freedom (and it isn’t Security)
  6. Moi Sans Zach
  7. Between Earth and Heaven
  8. Lightning Thunderbolt
  9. Fragment pour le Future de L’homme
  10. Merci de M’avoir Donné la Vie
  11. Next Time You See Me
  12. Invitation au Silence
[FS] [RG] [FD]


  1. signo July 8, 2012

    prima o poi farà una copertina decente?

  2. Daneil July 8, 2012

    Wow! Guys you are amazing!
    Thanks from the bottom fo my heart

  3. redsky July 9, 2012

    thanks a lot

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