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Christian Löffler / A Forest [2012]

Christian Löffler / A Forest [2012] Ki Records /

1. A Forest (7:45)
2. Pale Skin (3:53)
3. Eleven feat. Mohna (6:33)
4. Ash & Snow (6:46)
5. Feelharmonia feat. Gry (5:06)
6. Signals (7:23)
7. Blind (5:27)
8. Eisberg (Hemal) (3:56)
9. Field (8:14)
10. Swift Code feat. Marcus Roloff (4:22)
11. A Hundred Lights (6:59)
12. Slow Lights (3:40)

MP3 / 320 / 161 MB
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  1. avatard June 27, 2012

    heard good things. so this doesn’t register as a made-you-look comment, will return to report

    • avatard June 27, 2012

      swells space and breathes like a forest, but perhaps as seen from the backseat of a car? or is that my attitude? either way, the camping expedition this will require spites any quick review

  2. Red June 27, 2012

    Jeez Avatard, is it that difficult for you to commit to some sort of opinion without writing poetry? I would have of preferred nothing to this indecisive dribble…sorry kiddo

    • avatard June 27, 2012

      No it isn’t, but the suspension of opinion is a mark of respect. Meanwhile I have rapidly developed a decisive opinion about you: a sorry dicko

      • scab June 27, 2012

        SO.. HOW WAS IT?

        • avatard June 27, 2012

          very nice. exacting and lush. comparable to a subdued dominik eulberg perhaps

          • Red June 28, 2012

            Very nice avatard, This is the kind of review I can understand, along with a similar artist reference, nice…Honestly I would have made no comment if you had just written this first…-With love, from “a sorry dicko”

  3. woah June 27, 2012

    This above is more proof that we need a simple rating system as before. Perhaps with an optional pretentious bullshit field.

    • Ghost of Michael Jackson June 28, 2012

      I dunno if I agree with this; I definitely like reading users’ comments on an album or single or whatever, but part of the fun of this site is kinda just downloading whatever and taking chances on material you might otherwise overlook. I worry that scores would turn people off from albums they may enjoy; after all, taste is subjective.

  4. truvek June 28, 2012


  5. kidfortoday June 29, 2012

    Damn fine album

  6. Panikmaccus June 29, 2012

    Hellzballz! This is baai nice.

  7. jesus July 2, 2012


  8. woah July 5, 2012

    yeah this is pretty great

  9. evader July 6, 2012

    this is excellent!

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