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Sun Glitters / Insane [2012]

1. Intro
2. Insane
3. For You Zelda Marshall (Sun Glitters Rework)
4. Cyssan (feat. Young Sick)
5. Alone (feat. Sleep Party People)
6. Insane Pt. 2
7. The Wind Caresses Her Hair
8. Everything Could Be Fine
9. Too Much To Lose (The Insane Version)


  1. dody July 30, 2012

    bum glitters.
    will not me making lovve to my pillow with the hole cut in it to this one. +its dry and stained from much love making to cat power

  2. ch July 30, 2012

    thankyou maaaannnnnn

  3. dude July 30, 2012

    my balls are still drained from wanking to cat power all weekend..

  4. Sebu July 31, 2012

    Only DF? C’mon nodata, you can’t keep doing this. All your posters need to shape up. You have to provide us more than one filehost. This is getting rediculous. Way too random…

  5. myr July 31, 2012

    you’re downloading this for free, shut the fuck up.

    • Sebu July 31, 2012

      Fuck off. They make money out of these filehosts. If we can’t trust that the filehost we subscribe to are there for every post, why should we bother?

      Adding more hosts would benefit everyone, including the nodata posters.

    • miss black August 1, 2012


  6. RAD as HELL July 31, 2012

    sebu troll garbage

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