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Future Of The Left / The Plot Against Common Sense [2012]

1. Sheena is a T-Shirt Salesman
2. Failed Olympic Bid
3. Beneath The Waves an Ocean
4. Cosmo’s Ladder
5. City of Exploded Children
6. Goals in Slow Motion
7. Camp Cappuccino
8. Polymers are Forever
9. Robocop 4 – Fuck Off Robocop
10. Sorry Dad, I Was Late For the Riots
11. I Am The Least of Your Problems
12. A Guide To Men
13. Anchors
14. Rubber Animals
15. Notes on Achieving Orbit


  1. adam christopher June 2, 2012

    cannot fucking wait for this to come out. you’re tempting me sorely, mr. nodata.

  2. Skinny Wolf June 3, 2012

    This is indeed the future that that the “far left” ha in mind for us: Through the use of Social Engineering, also known as “Eugenics”, they will wipe out 3rd of the planet’s population all in the name of the “environment”, and the cancer that Man is upon it.
    Later, they will have humanity’s remnant relocate in Dubai.

    • MarathonMan June 3, 2012

      So you think Dubai is an example of a leftist paradise? Dubai, the most hyper-capitalist place in the entire world?

      • Skinny Wolf June 3, 2012

        Oh, not as it is today in terms of the system (software).
        But all the structures and global “feed lines” are in place (hardware).
        So, there will be a return to the “Pharonic model” of ancient Egypt. And our new Pharaoh will wear a very smart looking jumpsuit, (don’t laugh)!
        This is because he will be a Hybrid: with alien dna mixed in to the human dna (he will look human), it will give him the legal right to circumvent any and all exorcisms. He will be possessed by the worst sort of hyper-dimensional being (fallen angel in the ancient words). Of course the man I am referenceing is the “Anti-Christ”.

        • jodie June 4, 2012

          this isn’t funny. it’s just sad. stop posting this shit idiot, no one is laughing with you, only at you.

    • eddie June 3, 2012

      wow, this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever read. congrats.

    • vadren June 3, 2012

      I think most religious science fiction is really right wing. Dubai can’t exist without fossil fuels because it has no water, no soil, and has to import everything. The far left would be satisfied if you grew an organic garden and stopped making weapons.

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