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Orelha Negra / Throwback [2012]

01 Um Brinde
02 Blue Tu
03 Polaroid
04 Throwback
05 Round4Round
06 No Ar
07 Espelho
08 Golden Hotel
09 Juras
10 O Segredo
11 Bala Cola
12 Viva Ela
13 24-7
14 Luta
15 Aurora



  1. Skyc May 30, 2012

    Great PT band

  2. jacksie May 30, 2012

    not bad this. was going to say the usual about worm burps an shit but it upset one of the bros here so i wont. instead i will just tell you that i met my auntays cousin last weekend and she was bangin to. don’t believe me? look:

    • mmm May 30, 2012

      she is bangin

  3. Flounder May 30, 2012

    Oh my god I just love you guys so much I am just so enthralled right now that you got all these new download sites, and like they’re not a pain in the ass to use at all! I <3 u NoData!

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