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Pink Floyd / Defacing The Wall [2012]

Defacing The Wall by Pink Floyd is a Promo CDs/EP given to Radio Stations throughout the world for playing. The songs listed here have a Start and Finish and do not roll into another Pink Floyd song like most of Pink Floyds songs do.Tracklisting:1. Another Brick In The Wall II (Extended) [05:19] 2. Free Four [04:00] 3. Money [06:25] 4. Wish You Were Here [04:56] 5. Sheep [09:59] [DF]


  1. ¥¥¥ May 18, 2012

    well, well, what have we here? Hmmm…Kunst?

  2. lesbien May 19, 2012

    defacating the walll

  3. Alzado May 19, 2012

    What is this? Only one of those songs actually comes from The Wall.

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