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Nicolas Jaar / Russian Dolls [2010]

[Label: Clown And Sunset | Catalogue Number: CS003]

01. Russian Dolls (8:20)
02. Russian Dolls (Ryan Crosson Remix) (8:38)

[DF] [RG]


  1. Liber 777 April 30, 2012


    As many of you know a copycat has seen fit to abuse me in his sick masochistic way, he has used my internet log-in on this site, and I have to admit over-reacted a little.
    Even though I feel he has the gay habit of signing in as other users to laugh at his own jokes (namely: eevee, noone, kidfortoday, AZIZ, Panikmaccis) I have decided to stop giving him bits to feed off.
    If you are involved and I am wrong about it all being the same ‘person’ then you should feel ashamed of yourselfs.
    The real reason for this post is to apologise. I am sorry for taking up people’s time with this, and will go back to writing earnest reviews of the music I download here. MY username is Liber 777, but be aware the review you are reading could be a fake,
    engineered by the SICK copycat.

    • jobrg April 30, 2012

      a life, get one.

    • Joven May 6, 2012

      Are you homofobic or smthng? why is “gay habit”…

  2. Murph April 30, 2012

    No one cares.

  3. Kat May 1, 2012

    OMG, X1,000 with the 2 replies to this shit. No one fucking cares and you need to get a life big time. This is no data, bitch, we’re here to d/l and talk about the music, not your tween girl bullshit.

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