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oOoOO / Our Loving Is Hurting Us [2012]

1. TryTry
2. Springs
3. Starr
4. Break Yr Heart
5. NoWayBack


  1. witchy poo April 30, 2012

    oh hell yeah. been waiting for this. oOoOO is awesome. i don’t care what you say about the genre, there’s no denying he’s a talented producer.

    • kidfortoday April 30, 2012

      Yeah no doubt about it. ‘Burnout Eyess’ is still one of my favourite darkwave tracks.

    • bear April 30, 2012

      agree, already enjoying springs

  2. bear April 30, 2012

    been listening to this today, really like the tracks with butterclock (2 & 5), the other three tracks are rather average.

  3. blankets April 30, 2012

    I first heard them through a remix of Gaga’s Poker Face, might still be my favorite track of theirs

  4. haires February 25, 2013

    oh yeah he is so good i hope he makes more i love it all

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