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Bicep / Make Love In Public Places [2012]

[Label: Love Fever Records | Catalogue Number: LFR001]

01. $tripper 6:37
02. A Man’s Best Friend 7:02

[DF] [RG]


  1. liber 777 April 25, 2012

    The title of this EP was enough to prompt a HASTY ‘download’. It brought back Hunter-S-Thompsonesque memories of traveling many miles at a time, high on all sorts of dope and amphetimines, looking for the elusive cooter, all slick with DESIRE.
    And the cover reminds me of many a thigh, laid out, waiting to take me to the promised land, the portals of prosperity and HAPPY-NESS.
    And what to say of the ‘songs’? The first track, with its dollar sign replacing the ‘S’, perhaps the artist means to insinuate that strippers are greedy low-lifes? I disagree, I’ve had many a good time, at little cost, with strippers. At some of the ‘posh’ parties I’ve been to, rubbing shoulders with such greats as bvdub’s own Brock van Wey, Phil Collins and a glorious man who needs no introduction, Fred Durst, some of the strippers even supplied their own drugs, numerous painkillers and sleeping pills for me to stoke the flames with.
    But I digress, this ‘music’ is comparable only to Johann Sebastian BACH, whos organ works have accompanied me on many an astral plane discovery session.
    I hope you all appreciate, experience and LUXURIATE in this: as much as I did.

    • ▐▐▌▐▀▐▐▀ April 25, 2012

      wow, another one for the scrap book.

    • tobias April 25, 2012

      want to take dump in your letterbox

    • liber 777 April 25, 2012

      Dickwad here just hijacked MY name now. What a dumbass motherfucker. I critisized him for hijacking REVIEWS, and now he is copying ME. What a pathetic piece of shit.

      • lil bejesus April 26, 2012

        cryin again ma man? nig needs 2 lighten up.

      • joist maloistro April 26, 2012

        broski, i just took THEEE biggest deuce on a doormat. Hope it wasn’t urs BRO!
        chin up dude, just hit the bong, all the bad things will saaaail away maaan.
        SURFS UP!

      • liber 777 April 26, 2012

        Who are you calling a: ‘dickwad’? Please do not in-volve me in your childish games, narc.

      • jackthebox April 27, 2012

        Who gives a fuck? It’s not hard to tell genuine reviews from piss takes. As if a name on the Internet means anything.

        • Eraserhead April 28, 2012

          I agree, this guy is sad, always crying about people using his name. It’s not like his own reviews have any value.

  2. donavan April 25, 2012

    any way we can move the circle fron the picture?

  3. Joao Moutaninho April 25, 2012

    am being very wanked to this ; )

    • jacksie April 26, 2012

      That’s wot i’m talkin about!

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