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World’s End Girlfriend / Starry Starry Night [2012]

Label: [Virgin Babylon Records – VBR-007]

01: Starry
02: Storytelling (feat. Shione Yukawa)
03: Smile (feat. Shione Yukawa)
04: Three-legged Elephant
05: The Little Finger
06: Two of Us
07: Your Footsteps Are Music
08: March
09: Lost a Piece
10: Night Floater
11: Puzzle
12: Our Footsteps Are Music

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  1. REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! April 15, 2012

    ahhh, world’s end girlfriend, the happiness you have given me is beyond immense. i could stick my little finger in you, but i’m not sure you’d like it.
    you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT when you say our footsteps are music. mine and yours, side by side in my dreams, always. if i could skip to the future, tell the inhabitants of future earth, that all is only perfect, because of this small asain man, who changed the life of an important human beingback in the 21st century, me.
    IMPORTANT? i hear you stutter into your orange mocha frappachinos, but that alas is the truth of it.
    how? one day you will find out, and will no doubt have my name emblazoned on t-shirts and statues created in my likeness stood to stand in your streets and parks.
    my advice to you today, my most wonderful and ardent followers, is to burn this to CD, pop it into your favourite portable player, slip it into your bumbag and hit the road on your bicycle, if you’re lucky enough yours will be a fixie, like mine.
    perhaps you should drop a few pills before hand, or you could just take the stash with you, believe me when i say you’ll need it where you’re going.
    outerspace, the final frontier, and world’s end girlfriend will be at the helm, captain, pilot and engineer all rolled into one neat little package.
    i love you all, uncle phoenix x

    • AZIZ April 15, 2012


    • ashley's young April 15, 2012

      who even uses bumbags anymore?

      • ashley's young April 15, 2012

        and aren’t they called fanny packs by those over in the states?

    • Panikmaccus April 16, 2012

      Thank you. Your REVIEWS are the wind beneath my buffalo wings.

    • ▐▐▌▐▀▐▐▀ April 16, 2012


  2. cuntybaws April 16, 2012

    This blog is fast becoming a great source of amusement.

  3. poog April 16, 2012

    This is blog is great. I’m culturally born again

  4. Liber 777 April 17, 2012

    We can all see now that Noone is AZIZ, and is also copycat REVIEWS. We all wish you a speedy recovery. We know you have the strength to go out and find the help you need. Best of luck!

    • Justin Alicea April 17, 2012

      CONGRATULATIONS! You cracked the case.

  5. Mr.BehindTheBikeSheds April 18, 2012

    I think maybe not Mr Columbo.

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