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Whirr / Pipe Dreams [2012]

Whirr / Pipe Dreams


1 Reverse
2 Junebouvier
3 Bogus
4 Flashback
5 Formulas and Frequencies
6 Home is Where My Head Is
7 Toss
8 Hide
9 Wait
10 Reverie


  1. db April 2, 2012

    Nice, tables are a good idea.
    Is there a way to get the tags to show up in the RSS feed?

    • MArin June 21, 2012

      euh, you have to use the “blog” section, when you’re pointing at an image it normally shows tags.. but not in the rss, they might have forgot someting…
      or maybe there’s a rss for the blog part…?

  2. MArin June 21, 2012

    that’s a very cool album

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