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Strom Noir / Standing Out Against the Sea [2012]

Strom Noir / Standing Out Against the Sea


1 Poppy Seeds
2 Standing Out Against The Sea
3 In All The Wrong Places
4 The Passage Of Truth
5 Rearviewmirror
6 Digital Saturn
7 Haanah
8 Kalimagdora


  1. Noone April 1, 2012

    Please bring back the rating system!

    • REVIEWS-Phoenix Mode! April 2, 2012

      Just use your words.
      You took the time to type that, so why not just say something about it?
      Like this: I found the sublimated “trumpet sound” great for inducing trance-like sleep. P.S. could you please bring back the rating system?

      • you're a... July 7, 2012


  2. Ghost of Michael Jackson May 1, 2012

    soothing experiences, so nice

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