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Phèdre / Phèdre [2012]

Phèdre / Phèdre [UL][DF][LB]


  1. jacktheripper February 17, 2012

    so damn good

  2. Kat February 18, 2012

    Oh my god- I love you for this, nodata. I really do.

  3. Dude February 18, 2012

    Seriously guys? This is shitty hipster music.

    • Amanda February 19, 2012

      Seriously, grandpa? It’s 2012, using ‘hipster’ as an epithet against creative, independent music is stuck in the 00’s. Get with it and try again.

      • jackthewho February 19, 2012

        Ha! Thank you. Narrow-minded idiots need to STFU.

        • Mia March 22, 2012

          :being a DUDE makes you so 1995. cheers Amanda <3

          • rtype March 25, 2012

            hahah interesting album but come on seriously you know this is hipster as shit and will be on at the next urban outfitters you go into

  4. Lana Del Gay February 19, 2012

    Serious this album is pretty fucking great. Totally unexpected. Poppy.

  5. Trick March 21, 2012

    Booty shakin’.

  6. red March 23, 2012

    Downloaded, listed, placed in the trash. Did not hate it, but really did nothing for me, production quality & levels sounded hazy, maybe thats the desired effect..I was hoping for the crappy album cover amazing music scenario, oh well, happy others enjoyed…Oh & booty shakin’ really? Not sure we listening to the same album Trick? sorry…

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