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Robot Orchestra / Beat the Odds [2012]

Robot Orchestra / Beat the Odds [UL][DF][LB]


  1. srhythm February 16, 2012

    this is good

  2. srhythm February 17, 2012

    MPC EMPs — so far, very impressed by the opening tracks

  3. monomynous February 17, 2012

    also available at the link here.

  4. morus February 18, 2012

    This is hood, but you should buy for 1 Dollar at the bandcamp site. I have.

  5. REVIEWS February 18, 2012

    Identical to Prefuze 73, but thats not a bad thing.

  6. titsling February 19, 2012

    this is NO WHERE even close to the caliber of prefuse. sounds like generic cookie cutter hip hop beats made by a pre schooler with an mpd. piss poor production. we’ve heard this shit a million times already. boring at best. don’t waste your time. go dig up the real shit that this is imitating

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