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Aaron Dilloway / Modern Jester [2012]

Aaron Dilloway / Modern Jester



  1. John Peel February 16, 2012

    Your mama on the cover

    • ▐▐▌▐▀▐▐▀▌ February 16, 2012

      kant not wait ta suck yo mamas tittays to dis wun. she got dem nice ass hangers kid. all danglin in ma mouf an sheet.

  2. kill February 16, 2012

    get the fuck off this site with your mama comments

    • Mind Reader February 16, 2012

      Chill,…Looks more like your wife.

      • kill February 16, 2012

        i’m gay, egg on your face, nut on mine.

        • John Peel February 16, 2012

          Worst comeback ever. Cunt.

          • Pohn Jeel February 16, 2012

            Gayest comeback ever, perhaps, but I thought it was pretty clever. Also “Worst Comeback Ever. Cunt.” is a way worse comeback.

          • John Peel February 16, 2012

            Ok I take it back. I like your style, can we hook up?
            you can torture me, put cigs out on my butt

          • aNewFaceInHell February 17, 2012

            Anyhow, would you care to recall to your audience about the first time you spun that Undertones 45? Is there a God, and if so what kind of cologne does he wear?

  3. aNewFaceInHell February 17, 2012

    To counter Cleveland’s image of superior morality, Republicans discovered reports that Cleveland had fathered an illegitimate child while he was a lawyer in Buffalo, and chanted “Ma, Ma, where’s my Pa?”.[76] When confronted with the emerging scandal, Cleveland’s instructions to his campaign staff were: “Tell the truth.”[77] Cleveland admitted to paying child support in 1874 to Maria Crofts Halpin, the woman who claimed he fathered her child named Oscar Folsom Cleveland.[76] Halpin was involved with several men at the time, including Cleveland’s friend and law partner, Oscar Folsom, for whom the child was also named.[76] Cleveland did not know which man was the father, and is believed to have assumed responsibility because he was the only bachelor among them.[76]

  4. Zillis March 21, 2012

    Yo get these dick comments outta here. Was hoping to come here to see how people felt about this album.

  5. storung April 4, 2012

    I know… lame right. I was thinking the same thing. Where are the comments about this MUSIC?!

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