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The Kills / The Last Goodbye [2012]

The Kills / The Last Goodbye

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  1. 11a February 14, 2012

    i kind a like this two guys, but what the f… makes them recording songs that sound 10 times better in the original?

  2. uy February 15, 2012

    its curious how this band suddenly started making shit music around the time Jamie hince started going out with kate moss. they went from being a good suicide/velvetsy garage band into a poncey topshop faux-electro-rock fashion band. they pretty much lost their original fan-base overnight when they released that peaches rip off “cheap and cheerful”. …. fuck you kills!! too fake to get the old fans back, too old to be on skins har har

  3. n1nja February 15, 2012

    they’ve mellowed out / but Midnight Boom was one of their best, imo

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