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Richard O’Brien / The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Say It! (Audience Participation Album) [1994]

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Say It!



  1. nodata February 8, 2012

    whats with all this rocky horror garbage, is nodata going broadway now?
    i ain’t down with that

    • ed February 8, 2012

      So are you the ‘slut’ or the ‘asshole’?

      • nodata February 8, 2012

        sorry i’m not familiar with your gay bar come-ons

  2. Riff February 8, 2012


  3. 11a February 8, 2012

    he guys, ease it….this is essential rock ‘n roll history… maybe not for homophobics, but let’s hope we have not to many of them here… ;-)

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