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Raffertie / Mass Appeal EP [2012]

Raffertie / Mass Appeal EP [UL] [FS] [BS]


  1. Conor February 13, 2012

    Odd spelling.

    • Supraficial February 14, 2012

      …says Conor with one N.

      • Conor February 14, 2012

        Which is the only way to spell the first name Conor I might add.

  2. cant February 13, 2012

    there they are. the triangles. so pretty. makes me daydream of geometry class, acne-faced girlies in cheer garb, the square root of the hypotenuse, and such as.

    • pentagon February 14, 2012

      soon someone will be avant garde enough to move on to rectangles or heptagons. or what about a trapezoid. that would be fuckin amazing.

  3. GerryFitz February 15, 2012


  4. kidfortoday February 17, 2012

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