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Blondes / Blondes [2012]

Blondes - BlondesDownload MP3 [LB][UL] | FLAC [UL]


  1. who February 8, 2012

    MP3/320 – 336 MB
    FLAC/Lossless – 853 MB

    Blondes / Blondes [2012]
    RVNG Intl. / RVNGNL12


    Disc 1
    01. Lover
    02. Hater
    03. Business
    04. Pleasure
    05. Wine
    06. Water
    07. Gold
    08. Amber

    Disc 2
    01. Lover (A JD Twitch Optimo Mix)
    02. Lover (Dungeon Acid Remix)
    03. Hater (SFV Acid’s Encino Oaks Remix)
    04. Business (John Roberts Remix)
    05. Pleasure (Andy Stott Remix)
    06. Wine (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)
    07. Water (Bicep Remix)
    08. Gold (One Blonde Strange Idea by Traxx)
    09. Gold (Laurel Halo Chains Remix)
    10. Amber (Variation in Cm by Rene Hell)

  2. TRAVIS February 8, 2012


  3. Retard February 8, 2012

    Mortel, un bon bout de temps qu’on l’attendait…
    Thanks Nodata…

  4. TRAVIS February 8, 2012

    Can anyone reupload? Letitbit isn’t working and I can’t use UL here in the good ol’ USA

  5. bluebandit21 February 8, 2012

    Link isn’t working, get it together guys

    • Hikari February 8, 2012

      Oh I’m sorry, did Nodata upload something for everyone for FREE, only to see it taken down by the file hosters? I’m sure they apologise for that, because obviously you have entitlement to FREE stuff, you’re an internet user. If you can’t get good music for FREE then something is obviously wrong with the system.

      Nodata have been serving up awesome uploads for a few years now, it’s not their fault that record companies actually want to make money from their releases to the point where some of them actively seek out links and request (or demand) for them to removed. Have some manners and some gratitude, you ungrateful whelp.

      • Now U Know tha Deal February 8, 2012

        My favorite part of nodata is when ungrateful shitheads get reemed out by other users!

        Honestly they should start blocking IP addresses of the ungrateful ones.

        • woo woo February 8, 2012

          well fucking obviously people appreciate what nodata does but i mean come on dude. it’s a relevant statement. they always use the worst file hosting sites.

    • JHee February 8, 2012

      Hey Bluebandit, go fuck a rusty nail you ungrateful shit.

  6. Mugzee February 8, 2012

    Linky no workie


  7. So Haunted February 8, 2012

    great music!

  8. who February 8, 2012

    Both LB and UL are working fine for me.
    Is LB also blocking the US?

    • hendo February 8, 2012

      us resident here, just tried both links and neither worked.

  9. whimadewho February 8, 2012

    help!!! I have been begging for the album to drop!

  10. abasratsa February 8, 2012

    No brand new traxx (( Same old stuff (

  11. Anonymous February 8, 2012

    • jordo February 8, 2012

      thanks anon

    • Flounder February 8, 2012


    • kimbo slice February 9, 2012

      saved by anon

  12. Anonymouse February 8, 2012

    Many thanks for this, NoData. Been looking forward to the album for a while.
    If you can’t use sites like Uploaded from the US, use a proxy site like that will make sites recognize your IP as coming from Europe.

  13. Gilgamesh February 11, 2012

    impossible to download this via usenet. All search results are infested with blonde porn. :(

  14. Ian February 11, 2012

    All good up in Canada. Cheers.

  15. arf February 12, 2012


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