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R.E.M. / Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage: 1982-2011 [2011]

Disc 1 [UL][FS][FJ]

Disc 2 [UL][FS][FJ]


  1. Laurel Halo November 12, 2011

    Michael Stipe, John Peel fucked you off out of it because you were a cunt. Nice to see you still haven’t changed. Follically chalenged cunt!

  2. Jake February 7, 2012

    only part garbage? a band that thought they were far more clever than they were.

  3. John Peel February 7, 2012

    You bald cunt (and big gay)

  4. dumb nuggets February 7, 2012

    wooowOO what…

  5. Michael Stipe February 7, 2012

    ooooo… ooooo…. please don’t hurt me! it’s against the law to gay bash on sissies!

  6. j February 7, 2012

    WHY is anyone still using Filesonic???? The site can only be used as personal file storage; it is no longer possible to download any files that you have not personally uploaded, so this is completely wasted effort!

  7. John Peel February 7, 2012

    Part Crap
    Part Overrated
    Part Straight
    Part Gay

  8. JZILLA February 7, 2012

    Those questioning the use of FIleSonic – look at the date this was posted.

  9. annie February 8, 2012

    November 12th, 2011 ??


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