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Weedsnake / Weedsnake [2011]

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  1. REVIEWS November 11, 2011

    Assinine band name. Stupid Album title. Qlipothotic image for cover art. Ludicris tag.

    I will avoid it like the plague.

    • weedlord_420 November 11, 2011

      ^ listen to this dork. probably never smoked a j in his life

    • puffpuff give November 11, 2011

      Wow, and he even cut and pasted his last post – probably like most hipster ‘reviewers’ – idiot!

    • 2-(CH3)-Trp November 12, 2011

      Pretty much agree with all that he said. Everything about this release looks gay, and I smoke daily what you would in a week. Has nothing to do with smoking weed or not, despite some retarded tag, you lame little high school stoners.

      • puffpuff give November 12, 2011

        look out – this dude’s wheeled out the “I-smoke-more-than-you” arguement to somehow add weight to his already fractured credibility. Instead of judging the release by its cover / tag / title / or whatever; why not you guys just listen to it, then comment or simply ignore it.

        ps. if you are smoking more than I do in week, in a day as you claim – you should probably ease up. That shit’ll kill ya

        • 2-(CH3)-Trp November 12, 2011

          … [too high]

          • puffpuff give November 12, 2011


  2. blikkie November 12, 2011

    Snakes in the weed!!

  3. biri biri bam bam November 12, 2011

    Dude, you are confused! This is not a Ludacris album. No southern rap in here.

    (You do mean “Ludacris”, right? If not, you’re just a moron who can’t spell. Keep up that open mind)

  4. Shink November 12, 2011

    “Will you shut up and smoke that?” – Bill Hicks

  5. -- November 12, 2011

    fucking weed gives me the creeps–fuck that shit

  6. BLAH! February 7, 2012

    I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking weed!! not that funny, i know.

  7. james February 7, 2012

    thought weed heads were suppose to be easy going. yall mad at eachother

  8. Nicole February 9, 2012


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