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Knxwledge / Konsistensi [2011]

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  1. ill jackson November 11, 2011

    Praise Jeebus!

  2. nile November 11, 2011

    whadafuk iz dis shit mang? sound fukn funky wit a slite haayz 2 it knowmsayin, doube that, word up.

  3. richard ross November 11, 2011

    my wife is giving birth right now and she is so excited for these new beats to groove to as our son is welcomed into the world! thanks nodata, thanks knxwledge and thanks gaia, spirit of the planet. life is but a mist of cosmic spew from galactic newborns.

    • z November 12, 2011


    • adrian November 12, 2011

      you one crazy cat

    • Stalin's Moustache November 12, 2011

      you own.

  4. Wonky wanker November 12, 2011

    Wow,is Knxwledge the new hardest working man in showbizz !
    Oh my God what an output !

    We do get a little crazy here !
    Thanx no data

  5. Silly Sausage November 12, 2011

    As long as there are baby photos of Knxwledge, there’ll be new EPs

  6. Marky Mark February 8, 2012

    fool’s trying to cop sampha’s cover.

  7. AARDVARKIAN CALENDAR February 11, 2012

    Links seem to be down. is not even supported in America anymore, fools.

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