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Belzebong / Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves [2011]



  1. mike November 8, 2011

    interesting band name. interesting album title. interesting cover art. interesting genre tags.

    i will have a go at it. thanks.

    • REVIEWS November 8, 2011

      Assinine band name. Stupid Album title. Qlipothotic image for cover art. Ludicris tag.

      I will avoid it like the plague.

  2. sissy November 9, 2011

    It’s actually not that bad. If you like stoner/doom, you should check it out. But the band name is pretty stupid, I agree :)

  3. mike November 12, 2011

    I happen to like qlipothotic cover art. I think. Is that a word?

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