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David Lynch / Crazy Clown Time [2011]

Download [FS] [WU]


  1. mesineto November 7, 2011

    tks NODATA!

  2. fungitron November 7, 2011


  3. daniel November 7, 2011

    Lynch is a genius.

    • REVIEWS November 7, 2011

      I agree, but this looks really sub-par for Lynch. It has every apperence of being some sort of “tribute mix” or what not. Whats the scoop?

      • kidfortoday November 8, 2011

        Lynch is a genius I certainly agree, but this album I find wanting. It’s not bad but not great either. The cover artwork is certainly below par.

      • kidfortoday November 8, 2011

        & it’s not a tribute to him or anything like that – apparently this is technically his first solo full-length album.

  4. kidfortoday November 7, 2011

    SWEEET! Been waiting for this album. Many thanks.

  5. bbbbbbb November 7, 2011


  6. free the gnomes November 7, 2011

    free da gmones

  7. sean November 7, 2011

    lazy frown time

  8. pietro November 8, 2011

    oh yes

  9. marianoa November 8, 2011


  10. Laura Palmer November 8, 2011

    link is not worling, is not working, not working, broken link broken so broken, no link, need it need it, want it, want it, link link link! XD!

    • who November 8, 2011

      Link updated.

  11. mono November 8, 2011

    i think this genius, it is the slow blues stripper nightclub music with a bunch of lynch characters singing honest tunes about their lives, but you trendy fools looking for irony will miss the boat…
    only problem is that most of the tracks on this leak are mono…damn.

  12. muddybrookrambler November 8, 2011

    caught sleeping. anyone got a re-up on this? mixed reviews, but i’m very curious.

  13. Lemos November 11, 2011

    Thanks for this Crazy Clown Time!
    nodata rules.
    From Portugal many thanks

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