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Purling Hiss / Dizzy Polizzy [2011]

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  1. Jake November 11, 2011

    Why do people put shit out on tape? Only reason I can think of is to be quirky which sucks. Tape sounds shit, is a pain to use, breaks easily, fades. What is the fucking point? Is the music that shit it needs a gimmick to sell it?

    • sdsds November 11, 2011

      why do you care, you’re downloading the digital

      • Jake November 11, 2011

        Then why the tape artwork? Unless it is ripped from tape, then it is still pointless.

  2. d November 11, 2011

    Tapes sound great.its an awesome format for the artwork and they’re cheap!they sure last longer than cds
    its the best medium besides vinyl

  3. d November 11, 2011

    Tapes sound great.its an awesome format for artwork and they’re cheap!they sure last longer than cds
    its the best medium besides vinyl

    • Jake November 11, 2011

      Don’t talk shit, tapes do not sound great – that is fact not opinion. CDs came about to replace tapes as they provided a better frequency range with less background noise and without degrading on repeated plays. How can the artwork be better? It is smaller than a CD case and vinyl sleeves so the artwork is tiny. They do not last longer than CDs if you play them a lot, I should know because I’ve got some 15 year old tapes and they sound like warped dull shit. I’ve got 15 year old CDs which sound exactly the same as the day I bought them. Utter nonsense.

      • d November 11, 2011

        Depends on what you want…Some music just sounds better on tape to me, off course the ‘quality’ isn’t higher.I like that cassette sound and the whole format.Vinyl artwork is the best, yes but tape artwork can be great

        • Jake November 11, 2011

          You mean you prefer tape for lo-fi music? Ahh lo-fi….. Audio produced by stoned people who know fuck all about music production. ‘Well I could learn how to make carefully crafted lo-fi elements in my music and spend years perfecting it, or bypass the skill required and just put any old shit on tape, and say it’s supposed to sound like that and get back to smoking my weed.’ Tapes = lazy gimmicky producer.

  4. JL November 11, 2011

    Tapes is hipster-shit. But thx anyway :)

  5. 665 November 11, 2011

    Who fucking cares. Listen to it or don’t listen to it. Find something else to bitch about.

    • Jake November 11, 2011

      Follow your own advice hypocritical cunt

  6. respjrat November 11, 2011

    “why do you care, you’re downloading the digital”
    really i don’t see where you can go after this. ‘i don’t like this thing that i don’t have to actually encounter, listen to me complain’

    • Jake November 12, 2011

      No you don’t see where to go next because you lack the intellect required. I am encountering it you fucking twat, the artwork TAPE. The recording ripped from TAPE. You don’t understand I can argue with that? Go back to sleep you fucking prick.

    • Jake November 12, 2011

      You bleed on guitars? My ears are the only thing bleeding here. No wonder you defend this fucking crap.

  7. ZEDD November 11, 2011

    Jake has nothing better to do but complain. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it Jake. It’s as simple as that.. Jake rather use more energy being a little hate filled cunt like he’s really making a difference on the internet. Grow up, you ignorant mongoloid.

    • Sam November 12, 2011


    • Jake November 12, 2011

      Right you fucking twat, lets get a few things straight here. If you DO like it then get on with listening to it instead of leaving messages for me, works both ways. You think leaving me a hate filled message is changing either my opinion on tapes, my attitude or the internet either? Grow up? Because I hate hipster tape shit that serves no purpose? You ironically call me ignorant and a ‘mongoloid’ in the same sentence. Using a derogatory term labelling the weakest members of society to appear superior to me. You fucking waste of jizz from your dad’s ball sack.

  8. triangles November 11, 2011

    hipster bullshit

  9. whyarewefighting November 12, 2011

    that jake guy’s such a douche

  10. Laurel Halo November 12, 2011

    Touchy cunts

  11. one November 12, 2011

    damn, so much hate on here recently
    its only a tape
    fucks sake

  12. Sean February 7, 2012

    Downloaded the digital version, loved it, then bought the tape and have been obsessing on Purling Hiss and Birds Of Maya ever since.

    If you’re looking for crystal clear sound and precise musical delivery then you are most likely in the wrong place. The meaning, if indeed there is one, is in the music and the method of delivery and not the media, so I can’t see why everybody is getting worked up over that, one way of the other. I’d say this tape exposes a broader view of Purling Hiss than anything else I have heard, including elements of folk rock and country rock to back up the good old fashioned garage rock of their other releases. It’s delivered in an interesting way that, as I say, will grate if you’re used to musical perfection in the playing and recording. Doubtless these guys are great musicians who choose to put over these terrific songs in precisely this way, but beware as they might fool you into thinking the tape or mic was on the blink when they laid this down.

    In the end I suspect you’ll either get/love it or you won’t, there’s no half way mark here.

  13. redbeltaroundmymind February 10, 2012

    as soon as i saw how many comments there were, i immediately knew they weren’t actually related to the band or the music…

    does anyone by any chance have a link to this… could you maybe help a gal out? :)

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