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Various Artists / Stitched in Fire [2011]

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  1. elgobernador November 11, 2011

    hipster bait

  2. min y mal November 11, 2011

    Limited pro dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes in deluxe hand stamped cotton lined kraft jewelry boxes with vellum belly bands and inserts. Includes download code coupon.

    Thirteen interpretations of pieces from Aaron Martin’s 2010 album Worried About The Fire on Experimedia by a cast of talented friends. Mastered by Ian Hawgood.

    Danny Norbury – Wires of Glass
    Nicola Ratti – Reed Tunnel
    Scissors and Sellotape – Blue Light (Fluoro Mix)
    Tokyo Bloodworm – Making Rope Out of Eyelashes
    Jasper TX – Water Tongue
    Luperci – Marked in Dust
    Saddleback – New Brighton (Bright On)
    Michael Tanner – Ice Melts onto Fingers (Kerrie Robinson on Drums)
    The Puddle Parade – Water Tongued
    offthesky – Open Knife
    Maurice De Jong – Sixth 
    an Hawgood – Beaver Falls (Faulty Resolutions)
    Machinefabriek – Necks of Wire (Wired Necks)

  3. matt November 11, 2011

    wheres the nickleback?

    • REVIEWS November 11, 2011

      Tracks by Nickleback and Bare Naked Ladies will be available on vol. 2 coming out in January on Ghostly Records.

      • storung November 12, 2011

        Sweet! I was holding back from DLing… but since you mentioned it! You think Crash Test Dummies will be on Vol 3?

        Have to admit… the packaging is pretty fucking awesome! A dying art my friends… qu’elle dommage.

        • Tamsin November 12, 2011

          French cunt.

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