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James Ferraro / Far Side Virtual [2011]

Download [FS] [WU]


  1. blairwitchouseintheprojects October 13, 2011

    Best stoned & hangin out in McDonald’s Playland music evar.

    • Flounder October 13, 2011

      LOL that is so accurate…. It’s like living in the movie three men and a baby

  2. Giovanni October 13, 2011

    worst cover ever.

    • Patrick October 13, 2011

      You must not be familiar with James Ferraro.

  3. woah October 13, 2011

    hopefully this is not more music that could be in the sims

  4. lightningjenkins October 13, 2011

    Man this guy is busy. It’s hard keeping track of everything he does. I am looking forward to listening to this.

  5. 99percent October 13, 2011

    the samples and sounds in this are super impressive!
    Sitars side by side the skype start-up sound! WTF I don’t even

  6. HA! October 13, 2011


  7. fames jerraro October 14, 2011

    Why are the mp3’s so big size wise?

    11,058mb for a 1.57 min song?

    Maybe if this were .wav

    also missing from the ID3 tag is this

    mp3_accurate_length = yes


    • Patrick October 16, 2011

      It’s the embedded artwork. Must be a huge fucking image. Removing it cuts the album down to about 105 MB.

      Also, holy shit this is a retarded album. Even by James Ferraro standards. I think I like it?

  8. Sven October 14, 2011

    worst album cover ever!

  9. Leon Lovich October 17, 2011

    Oh James, please stop! Just STOP!

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