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Water Borders / Harbored Mantras [2011]

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  1. triangles October 10, 2011


  2. interesting October 10, 2011

    hmm. tribal, dark, good rhythmns but kind of annoying voice. (especially if it were simply instrumental) this would make for a nice album for 4am dance parties.

    • REVIEWS October 12, 2011

      Maybe without the voice. Belive me, I know what they were going for, I like Coil, even some Death in June, so at first whem I heard the vocals I was looking forward to more, but then as it played on, I realized that the vocals were a failure, and that as deep and dark as the music promised to be, that it also in the end was average at best. Even likeing the genre, I deleted it, it was souless.

  3. mikeg October 11, 2011

    Might’ve been better without vocals.
    Good stuff though.

  4. charlos October 11, 2011

    they were terrible live.

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