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The Living Kills / Faceless Angels [2011]



  1. octopi October 9, 2011

    superb. and it’s in stereo.

  2. -- October 9, 2011

    in stereo? terrific!

  3. 99percent October 9, 2011

    remember to support Occupy Wall Street! they’re fighting for us all.

    • REVIEWS October 9, 2011

      If by fighting for all of us you mean, helping to collapse America so that it will be necessary to re-boot the system and restart it minus one Constitution and one Bill of Rights, then yes. What does that have to do with this music anyway?

    • capitalism?! October 9, 2011

      I’ve been with your percentile on the ground since the 17th, I’ve listened to speech givers and average citizens alike, I marched with you on Wednesday as others joined in from the fringes, yet ultimately it must be accepted en masse that you can make as many cardboard witticisms and cry as many chants as you please, but if you are choosing of your own volition to operate this movement within the very system you decry YOU ARE A DOG ON A LEASH

      • REVIEWS October 11, 2011

        Or really smart, as acting outside the system is about as good for a movement as masturbation is for pro-creation. Now I believe that something LIKE communisim will fill the void of an “occupied America”, the red army would have LOVED the 99% catch phrase, however the “‘dog on a leash’/’victim mentality'” is the ONLY thing more repugnant than collectavisim, so I had to call you on it, it is born of bitterness, sloth, and a mindset firmly rooted in Dominance and Servitude.

  4. god October 13, 2011

    support and buy the vinyl you fucks

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