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James Blake / Enough Thunder [2011]

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  1. Melon October 4, 2011

    James, you really need to stop releasing music every month

    • EVERYTHING I SAY IS TRUE October 9, 2011

      Listen to it backwards bro, mind blown

  2. Jake October 4, 2011

    James, you really need to stop releasing music

    • JuAnt October 4, 2011


  3. stupidlovesong October 4, 2011

    can it possibly get any more boring?
    plus his fake antony is killing me

  4. w4ming October 4, 2011

    this is the man who made the cmyk and klaviewerke eps, the modern scene would be a very dark place without him.

    • Jake October 4, 2011

      I’ll name a few artists making the ‘post dubstep’ scene a great place, no James Blake required: Martyn, Deadboy, Machinedrum, Sepalcure, Rustie, Floating Points, 2562, XXXY, Zomby, Egyptrixx, Blawan, Machine Code. Some of those aren’t the best ever, but all more interesting, forward thinking and less pompous than this shit.

      • James October 4, 2011

        you rule. lets share music.

      • kidfortoday October 5, 2011

        Agree with you on the above. I’d also add Phon.o to the list, he’s been producing some sick tunes. I highly recommend all his singles, especially Slavemode / Abbey Road.

      • rap October 8, 2011

        you know all these artists but you still call it post dubstep? embarrassing

  5. oooOooOo October 4, 2011

    oh snap, didn’t even know of this. Thanks, nodata!

  6. kev-tec October 4, 2011

    the links aren´t working?

  7. caleb October 4, 2011

    man, he went to shit fast. this is sonic bran flakes.

  8. Pouting Bear October 4, 2011

    Nowhere near as good as the new Blue Daisy album.

    • Rocket October 4, 2011

      Hmm, that’s debatable, I was more than a bit let down by that Blue Daisy LP. Had been hoping for great things, all I found was a badly mastered Hip Hop meets Psych/Shoegaze LP with a couple of guest vocalists.

  9. Jake October 4, 2011

    Let’s be honest, James Blake is completely overrated and a pompous twat to boot. His affected soul singing is phony as hell. His early EPs aren’t that great, sorry. They showed promise of something interesting but he is more concerned now with celebrity than artistry. Just because he was on/at Jools Holland/Pitchfork/Bon Iver/Goldsmiths College doesn’t make him good. Don’t believe the hype.

    • coyoteman October 4, 2011

      amen brotha. i gave Blake a try multiple times, and every single time i was seriously bored to tears. a couple of cool sounds in the mix does not cutting edge make.especially in a time when any a-hole can load up some strange sound samples and arrange them at a moments notice with software.
      the hype never surprises me though, the music industry has been full of bullshit descriptions of supposedly cutting edge music for as long as i’ve paid attention (let’s say 25 years now). i’ve also felt similarly to just about everything other than mouse on mars that was ever released on thrill jockey (let’s face it tortoise is amazingly overrated. I’d rather listen to burnt friedman any day). never anywhere near as cutting edge or experimental as the critics and writers would like us to believe. of course, most of the truly cutting edge music simply does not get covered by media or get hyped.
      so…of course james blake is boring. why would anyone expect different?

      • dryclaine October 5, 2011

        Please, an example of cutting edge music that isn’t getting the hype it deserves. I can agree that James Blake is getting blown up like a fucking balloon full of pitchfork dollars. However where i live its shit like dub-step that gets over-rated and is apparently confusing artists like Bjork, wtf
        Yo check out Death Grips album Exmilitary if you want to listen to some next level shit. Blake aint bad, you just need some real speakers to hear everything thats going on so it can fuck with you. The hype for james blake? Shit, its all in his LP, he delivers sick beats without beating you over the head with them( To Care (Like You)); with Lindisfarne he matches the folk/electronic sound that to me was first heard by Bon Iver (however i do not approve of their collaborative efforts.) But what really gets me talking about him is the tracks Why Don’t You Call Me? where he spends a minute and a half sending chills up my spine simply toying with everything that would be normal for me to hear. His LP is simply some of the most up-to-date music i’ve heard. Music that requires more attention from the listener. Blake’s hype is all coming from him setting a new standard for the quality of music that is to come out after 2011. Finally some music worth getting in Flac.

  10. Rocket October 4, 2011

    Put this chap next to real singer songwriters like John Grant, Mark Kozelek, Richard Hawley, and he would pale into insignificance, wither away into dust. Truly this is triumph of mediocrity and marketing over skill and talent. He may make some ‘interesting’ electronic records, but he sure can’t sing like the aforementioned. Stick to making beats and don’t sing. please.

  11. a plee October 4, 2011

    James blake/blunt blake/blunt blake/blunt blake/blunt blake/blunt

  12. daniela October 4, 2011

    Si no les gusta, no lo escuchen…es simple. Al que le agrada, que lo disfrute, yo estoy haciéndolo. Hay tanta música en el mundo, que en vez de compararla y compararla con unos y otros; mejor ocupar el tiempo en escuchar lo que a cada uno le interesa.

    • grace October 4, 2011

      ay ay me gusta!!!!

    • radiobro October 5, 2011

      este disco compacto es muy aburrido. james blake fue bueno pero a presente no esta interesante nada. la LP primero fue muy mal porque el no puede cantar. los EPs antes de la LP son bien

  13. Me Gusta October 4, 2011

    Out of curiosity, have any of you ever been to one of his live shows?

    • angel October 4, 2011

      Yes, and half of the audience was falling asleep by the third track… James Blake IS the new valium! ;-)

    •!? October 4, 2011

      Saw him in July, quite amazing.

    • wilhelm October 4, 2011

      Yes, and my fuckin’ cat could sing more tunefully. I saw John Grant the day after. Errm, no comparison.

    • wilhelm October 4, 2011

      oh, and if you mean ‘live’ as in singing along to a load of electronics rather than just a piano or a guitar. He wasn’t ‘live’ in fact, I’d say it was distinctly un-live and about as impersonal an experience you could hope to see.

      • Me Gusta October 4, 2011

        Enough Thunder, the opening song was completely devoid of any electronics, it was just him and his piano.

        If you will critic the artist at least stick to actual facts.

        Anyways, I had an amazing experience watching him play live. Also, Burial being played between setlists made it all even more worth it. :o)

  14. mikopete October 4, 2011


  15. Boondigga October 4, 2011

    FInd most of his releases since cmyk boring, but also saw live in July and was impressed…

  16. triangles October 4, 2011

    this is hella cheap boom boom

  17. sebu October 4, 2011

    Somebody repost; don’t care if it’s crap

  18. Ian October 4, 2011

    Not Long Now had potential, but the rest was quite unfortunate. Travis Stewart (Machinedrum / Sepalcure) is untouchable right now. Let’s hope he gets his due, and James can stick to writing for 16 year old girls.

  19. m October 4, 2011

    your criticism of the guy loses more than a little bit of credibility when you’re manic enough to post under 10 different names that are obviously the same person. try to switch up the style of your writing between posts, or you’ll never be in the pantheon of great, sad trolls.

    • Ian October 4, 2011

      Wha? Dude (or 16 year old girl whom I’ve offended) – you’re way off. I use this name, and this name only. You need to relax, have a wank, or a good cry to this here EP.

      • Jake October 4, 2011

        Yeah, they use the name ‘m’ because they are an upside-down vagina

  20. alex October 4, 2011

    ya ya, he sucks….someone repost this please?

  21. norris October 4, 2011

    Please re post. I’m desperate!

  22. b October 4, 2011

    enjoyable thread – glad to see I’m not the only one who finds J.Blake painfully overrated

  23. Jolls October 4, 2011

    Fuck all ya’ll. His live show is mint.

  24. blacksmoke October 4, 2011

    y’all hatas. let the man express himself. yeah, not that everything he does it amazing, but why you gotta be all “serious” like that.

    you guys are the assholes who show up scream “shut up” at his shows (like last night.) stay home snobs.

    • wheeler October 4, 2011

      yeah, let him express himself like a huge mammary gland all over us! he is the ultimate electronic soul battle weapon. Damn you whoever it was that shouted last night. *shakes fist* how dare you.

      • Ian October 4, 2011

        “I wish the milkman would deliver my milk – when I’m yawning.”

  25. this October 4, 2011

    I don’t think the dude ever claimed to be the greatest singer only just honest and open which is commendable. I don’t think the hating is warranted this is an enjoyable listen, or at least definitely not off-putting like the above would suggest. IMO he continues to improve this blend of styles. More to come hopefully.

    • LONNIE DONNEGAN October 4, 2011

      Don’t cry, it’s just folk expressing an opinion. If you like it then go and buy it. Please allow some of us a laugh at his expense due the opposing views of his talent/non talent.

      • this October 4, 2011

        Not crying, just think it still sounds fresh. If I need a lesson than link me to someone doing it better.

        • Knoxy October 4, 2011

          here’s one example, I could pull out a few more. if you think Mr Blake is doing his thing better than this for example. please tell me why and how.

          • this October 4, 2011

            I would say it’s a taste preference then at this point. ‘Fireflies’ just makes me want to listen to John Denver. But I see your point.

          • Knoxy October 4, 2011

            i would say that there lies the difference. One can sing, write and perform songs and the other has a ‘questionable’ singing ability at best, and lets face it, writes not the most memorable of melodies. Not saying this is a bad thing but when you try to pass yourself off as the great new hope of british songwriting, mercury prize buying public then you need to back that up with some substance.

          • mrmr October 4, 2011

            Wow, the complainers on this thread just lost all credibility saying that this John Grant is far and away better than James Blake. It all makes sense now why you dont like James Blake; you dont understand it. Just say you dont get it instead of James Blake sux and John Grant rulz. Blakes music is not about singing perfectly or making a percise and perfect pop melody; its about precision juxtaposed to imprecision, the pairing of order with disorder and flipping your expectations over. On the one hahnd he can be madcap erratic like Flying Lotus and on the other he can smooth and soulful. What makes him talented and interesting to listen to is his ability to combine the two aspects into one sound. But if this sounds like too much work for you, then please go listen to ‘Firefly’ again. I think I might send the link to my Grandma.

          • Knoxy October 4, 2011

            You patently don’t grasp the fundamentals of the argument, any number of decent singer songwriters could have been pulled out that happen to also make electronic music., look, in broad terms so you can understand and at it’s base level, the fact remains that this chap is 1) a poor singer at best – FACT, 2) he makes some electronic beats – FACT 3) not everyone likes his music – FACT. It’s not hate, at least not on my part. It’s called a differing point of view. Get over yourself.

    • coxy October 4, 2011

      a “point of view” isn’t “fact” knoxy. jb rulz

    • jack October 5, 2011

      one of blake’s strengths is demonstrated by the fact that one bunch of people are pissing and moaning how he ain’t no John Grant and the other bunch say he’s not at the cutting edge of post proto dubstep or whatever the fuck. the fact that he straddles both those worlds and fucks with all ya heads might go some way to explaining his appeal.

  26. Kelly October 4, 2011

    this available anywhere else? Please help i at least want to just hear his new stuff.

    • Jane October 4, 2011

      Tesco has it I think.

  27. 820 October 4, 2011

    No one’s saying that it’s the best this world has to offer. Ranting over things over the internet is pointless and people who’re doing are in all honesty extremely dumb and pathetic.

    @Kelly: I found a working link here:

  28. moony carlos October 4, 2011

    new Ras G and Knxwledge!

  29. Widower Maker October 4, 2011

    Please re-tag as follows: pretentious, boring, overrated, UK garbage

    • woah October 4, 2011

      ‘uk garbage’ yep it’s our fault i’m so sorry

  30. James Blake October 4, 2011

    sowwy guys!
    my dog ran away. had to make en EP about it.
    forever alone.

  31. Dean House October 4, 2011

    wow, so much hate for JB, here’s an idea…DON’T FUCKING LISTEN TO IT! this blog rules for putting up great music consistently, and for FREE but that doesn’t mean you have to listen, if you already don’t like James Blake than why even bother posting here? some people dig it, get the fuck over yourselves.

    • geektits October 4, 2011

      “than”? then?

      so much hate…

      it’s all karmatic you fools.

  32. CARPARK October 4, 2011

    Great entertainment value, the fans versus the doubters. best entire thread of the week. All topped off with a dose of Karmic retribution. Sweet.

  33. Garrett October 4, 2011

    I cant get into the woof sound on “Fall Creek Boys Choir” and “Once We All Agree”. I hope someone in his crew disables that button. I do like “We Might Feel Unsound” though… Irony?

  34. Dean House October 4, 2011

    I’m not really even a fan but I certainly don’t waste my time talking shit about someone’s art on the internet to strangers, Do you REALLY care that much? Seriously, if you don’t like it, go listen to something you do like and make your day a bit more constructive.

    • Jake October 4, 2011

      no. you waste your time talking about people wasting their time and acting like you don’t waste your time – a worst waste of time.

      • adrian October 4, 2011


      • Dean House October 5, 2011

        no, I waste ten minutes and let the rest of you continue to prattle on.

        • Widower Maker October 5, 2011

          lol you got burned man…. then you comment again, after wasting more time to check on your first comment…hilarious

  35. Patrick October 4, 2011

    You guys are worse than Youtube commenters.

  36. adrian October 4, 2011

    this is the best thread i’ve ever read.

    my taste is better than yours! no my taste is better than yours! its objective, dont you know?


    • Jake October 4, 2011

      Its not that i think my taste is better than anyone elses, it is that I’m sick of hearing how great JB is when other talented producers / song writers get 1% of the hype. He is not deserving of it.

    • Leon Lovich October 4, 2011

      It’s probably more subjective than objective…jus’ sayin’

  37. adrian October 4, 2011

    to you he isn’t deserving of it, that is fine and true from your perspective. those other talented producers/ song writers may not be deserving of it to a majority of music consumers interested in this snippet of the market, which I agree sucks dix from their/your perspective – but alas, this is how the system functions. At the same time, though, they don’t necessarily need the same level of hype as james blake to do their thing. put all your spare money into the artists you like so they can do their thing. it just strikes me as odd to burn energy talking about something which is highly subjective as if its not. if james blake and his fans are plebs to you, fuck them. let them rot. follow your own shit, my friendly friend

  38. listener October 4, 2011

    pfft… james blake is SOOOOO 2011. Don’t yall people know it’s all about the Ifan Daffyd now? Jeesh.

  39. Garrett October 4, 2011

    The New Forest Fires is way better then this anyways bitches!

  40. -- October 4, 2011

    i prefer Lana Del Rey… so much yummier than this bore…

  41. Garrett October 4, 2011

    or the new forest fire

  42. Ø October 4, 2011

    jimmy blake is the male lana del rey

    • -- October 4, 2011

      best comment yet

  43. muddybrookrambler October 4, 2011

    So…positive or negative, 70+ comments on nodata–he still seems to matter, at least for the moment…

  44. triangles October 4, 2011

    me so excite

  45. harry barison October 4, 2011




    • adrian October 4, 2011

      u maed?

      • dice October 5, 2011

        gtfo and let the big kids talk

        • bronads October 5, 2011

          he maed.

          • adrian October 5, 2011

            so maed.

  46. anonymous October 4, 2011

    Wow 79 comments? Holy shit – this has to be a nodata record of some sort.

    James Blake has some decent stuff – and I guess I understand the hype in terms of “OMG HE JUST FUSED POST DUBSTEP AND AUTOTUNED SOUL MUSIC WTF OMG THAT”S SO NEW AND COOL” but really, this guy is not that great. He’s ok. Doesn’t reach in and grab my fucking soul.

  47. Nikos October 5, 2011

    Ok, i’ve read enough comments and listened to Enough Thunder enough times. The 2 nice songs are Not Long Now and We Might Feel Unsound. I think that after his CMYK EP, he started walking the road of fame. It happens. I mean, Labels have treated him as a cute tall boy with musical knowledge (he certainly has it).

    Anyway, he has potential, and you should REALLY listen to his songs on GREAT speakers to be able to criticise ’em. I did and i strongly believe he is still nice but our patience won’t last if he doesn’t suprice people as he did with his first products…

    Singing makes the music fade away in the background some times… I think that this is the problem… But we should admit that Blake is quiet special…

    • PRNNCMNT October 5, 2011

      Probably the most well put comment here.

  48. kidfortoday October 5, 2011

    C’mon, just 17 more comments till 100! Dunno if the comments on any post have ever hit triple figures.

  49. ABC October 5, 2011

    Why is everyone commenting? I see no TRIANGLES

    • Matthew October 5, 2011

      Lol.. you made my day!

    • this October 5, 2011

      Haha! Nice…

      – –

      It’s because Blake forms triangles out of negative space and silence.

    • kidfortoday October 6, 2011


  50. -- October 5, 2011

    I’m totally for elevating the comment count, but I propose newer and more interesting subjects, i.e: What is a better style? Barcelona’s constant passing and possession or Real Madrid’s more aggressive and open to individual creativity counter-attack? Much that I love Messi’s insane talent, the whole Barça machine-like play is a bit boring sometimes, in fact if Messi wasn’t in the team, I might not even watch it.

    • anonymouse October 5, 2011

      Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

  51. butter October 5, 2011

    she looks like a whore!

  52. dumb nuggets October 5, 2011

    i don’t know about my nodataing anymore

    • mike October 6, 2011


  53. HA! October 5, 2011

    F U C K – Y O U – A L L .

  54. vince October 5, 2011

    It’s actually incredible how worked up people get over something that noones forcing them to listen to. What a shallow existance.

    Having listened to this though, theres only one or two good tracks on it.

  55. ted October 5, 2011

    ya james blake is a Poseur duh

  56. James Blake October 5, 2011

    Come on guys, my dick’s not going to suck itself.

  57. Mike October 5, 2011

    100 comments? is this real life?

  58. mesineto October 5, 2011


  59. wowie October 5, 2011

    I met James Blake at the beginning of the year. What surprised me was how his bandmates (particularly the drummer) seemed a little more affected by “buzz” or attention than James did. While his bandmates barely gave me the time of day (for watever reason), James seemed genuinely interested in talking to those around him, even though he didn’t have to. Moreover, in all of his interviews, he has maintained the perspective that he writes music purely for himself, and not for anyone else, nor any potential radio hit. Regardless of James Blake’s intentions with his work: why is writing good music to make a living seen as negative anyways?

    Within our “culture of celebrity,” we are constantly making judgements on the musician that often have nothing to do with their music. We begin dehumanizing the musician due to this culture of celebrity and paint them with generalizing statements that have no basis, tact, or purpose, and in doing so, we lose sight of the actual product: their music. Regardless of what famous, pretentious blog or person likes James Blake, that should have no basis for how one judges his music. It’s too simplistic to judge music as automtically “bad” because Pitchfork may like it (ie., it’s “popular”). Hype is sometimes just hype….but hype doesn’t exactly reflect the intentions of the musician or their music, either.

    When we get down to it, all that really should matter is how the music affects the listener. If one doesn’t like the music, that’s cool – music is subjective, and not meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

    Anyways, about the album: I thought it was quite minimal, but it was really beautiful. And sad. Love the Mitchell cover.

    • Chieftain October 7, 2011

      Well said.

  60. HERPADERP October 6, 2011

    What bothers me is that most haters on this thread most likely listen to that soulless garbage wompwompwomp they blatantly and intrudingly label as dubstep and have not heard one thing of James Blake’s “back catalogue”.

  61. riraito October 6, 2011

    More than 100 comments for James Blake… Would you believe it ?

  62. Conor October 6, 2011

    Nonsensical ramblings from people on either side of a musical fence keeps me entertained at lunch, someone if not me should Reddit this garbage thread. Love music, hate hate, accept all opinions as valid albeit unequal.

  63. Silly Sausage October 7, 2011

    Blah Blah Blah I’M RIGHT Blah Blah YOUR WRONG Blah Blah Blah
    Music is Subjective

  64. Ø October 7, 2011


  65. -- October 7, 2011


  66. turd October 9, 2011

    it would be fair to say that james blake is to nodata what justin bieber is to youtube

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