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Joker / The Vision [2011]

[UL] [FS] [WU]


  1. liarr September 30, 2011

    haha, pure taste of shiiiiit, but cant wait for L-vis 1990 – Neon Dreams…but i am affraid, that was the same shit as these jokers

  2. liarr September 30, 2011

    was= will be – sorry :))

  3. Sorrentogal September 30, 2011

    Agreed. This is shit. Would have looked more forward to this and it might have sounded fresher if he’d brought it out 3 years ago….

  4. listener September 30, 2011

    Neon Dreams is amazing.. if you go to Fact’s website you can stream it right now. It’s much poppier than his singles. But I really dig it. He really took his time to make it sound good.

    • Raime October 1, 2011

      Fuck FACT and their trendy ‘we have all the cool shit that everyone else covers’ blog. They need to get their fingers out their arses and stop covering the same fucking groups/dj’s/producers every week, they’re so far up their own arse holes they miss loads of talent. Fucking wankers the lot.

  5. Sorrentogal September 30, 2011

    Yeah Neon Dreams is 100000 times better than this! Remember seeing L-Vis1990 support Akira Kiteshi in Rotterdam a couple of years ago. Both were fantastic (but Akira Kiteshi owned it that night!!!) Can’t wait for Kiteshi’s album as well!!!!!

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