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Gary Numan / Dead Son Rising [2011]

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  1. PGrizz September 29, 2011

    Gary Numan is old..(still shy).

  2. alberto September 29, 2011

    thank you thank you thank you!
    i <3 nodata!

  3. Mace Hane September 29, 2011

    I’ve had this for a week or so, and for the first few listen I was pretty underwhelmed to say the least. Yeah, Fallen is now, already, one of his great songs, but too many of the rest seemed like filler material.
    How wrong I was and a much-needed lesson in not paying too much attention to first/early impressions. I gave it some time and now I really do love it. He’s been good-to-very good ever since ’94’s Sacrifice(after the awful period before), edging ever closer to greatness as he moved through Exile to Pure and then Jagged.
    Well this stands with Pure and Jagged with ease. Even the instrumentals are holding their own with the songs.
    It’s a great album and I’ve hardly stopped playing it over the past week.
    However, I still think the price(£85)for the ‘super deluxe’ absolutely stinks, and the fact that that version is the only way that one can get hold of this on vinyl is very, very poor.
    Gary, do you think it fair that folks wanting to buy your new album on vinyl(ME!)should have to pay £85 for the pleasure?
    Limited this and pretty-print that mean bugger all to me, but I’d have happily paid £20 plus for a nice vinyl copy.
    Anyway, he’s still, amazingly, putting out stuff that’s as good as his first five albums, and frankly, that’s astonishing.
    Great album.

    • kidfortoday September 30, 2011

      Great review! Nice one, many thanks.

  4. blacksock September 29, 2011

    Thats what im talking about. Nice review mace. It’s nice to hear something
    about the record in the comments section for a change. With out some toe tess
    tony hipster waiting to comment on triangles. I mean if this is being shared like
    some listening station a thoughtful review is what most people want and I’m sure
    thats what Gary would want.
    thanks all at nodata keep up the fight

  5. Lena September 29, 2011

    This album is really growing on m as well.

  6. bvk September 29, 2011

    i though it was good too!

  7. triangle September 30, 2011

    meh.. more hipster bullshit

  8. Jake September 30, 2011

    Fucking triangles

  9. caleb October 1, 2011

    i think this record is, succinctly put, awful. save for “not the love we dream of”, this should have been shelved.

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