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Pearl Jam / Pearl Jam Twenty [2011]

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  1. who September 16, 2011

    Track List:

    Disc 1 – From the Film ‘PJ20’
    01. Release (Verona, Italy 9-16-06)
    02. Alive (Moore Theatre, Seattle 12-22-90)
    03. Garden (Zurich, Switzerland 2-19-92)
    04. Why Go (Hamburg, Germany 3-10-92)
    05. Black (MTV Unplugged, NYC 3-16-92)
    06. Blood (Auckland, New Zealand 3-25-95)
    07. Last Exit (Taipei, Taiwan, 2-24-95)
    08. Not For You (Manila, Philippines 2-26-95)
    09. Do The Evolution – Monkeywrench Radio, Seattle 1-31-98
    10. Thumbing My Way (Chop Suey, Seattle 9-6-02)
    11. Crown of Thorns (10th Anniversary, Las Vegas, NV 10-22-00)
    12. Let Me Sleep (Arena di Verona Steps, Verona, Italy 9-16-06)
    13. Walk With Me [with Neil Young] (Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View, CA 10-23-10)
    14. Just Breathe (SNL, Rockefeller Center, New York City 3-13-10)

    Disc Two – Rarities and Inspiration
    01. Say Hello 2 Heaven (Temple of the Dog Demo, 1990)
    02. Times of Trouble (Demo 1990)
    03. Acoustic #1 (Demo 1991)
    04. It Ain’t Like That (Demo 1990)
    05. Need to Know (Demo 2007)
    06. Be Like Wind (McCready Score 2010)
    07. Given to Fly (McCready Instrumental 2010)
    08. Nothing As It Seems (Demo 1999)
    09. Nothing As It Seems (Seattle, 10-22-01)
    10. Indifference (Bologna, Italy 9-14-06)
    11. Of the Girl (Instrumental 2000)
    12. Faithfull (Pistoia, Italy 9-20-06) [Soundcheck]
    13. Bu$hleaguer (Nassau, NY 4-30-03)
    14. Better Man (New York City 5-21-10)
    15. Rearviewmirror (Universal City, CA 10-1-09)

  2. ooooo September 16, 2011

    who even listens to this, really?

  3. \m/ September 16, 2011

    Who? Any one of the many people who have been going to their shows for the past 20 years I imagine.
    Thanks be to the sharer. Patience for the h8rs.

  4. Jake September 16, 2011

    WHY POST THIS???? The site will get shut down again and no one gives a shit about 90s grunge!

  5. Mjölnir September 16, 2011

    Thanks for uploading this great document of a band, which give us hundreds of awesome concerts and had had a great influence in modern rock too.

    For Jake and oooo its better to listen to Lady Gaga, Madonne and so on. Think that’s the class of music they’ll find theit way, intellactually, too!!

  6. -- September 16, 2011

    I’m gutted. No outtakes from Eddie’s solo ukelele effort.

  7. TheWho September 16, 2011

    Like their music or not, these guys are cool as fuck real musicians who are not full of bullshit unlike a lot of groups who are all about fashion an money.

    • Jake September 16, 2011

      Not true, Vedder can’t read sheet music and he owns a dress shop.

  8. hurpindurpin September 16, 2011

    Pearl Jam sucks bro. This is cool… if you’re 50. Get with the program. Enough with this rock and/or roll nonsense. Bring the bass.

    • Nah September 17, 2011

      Hahahahaha, oh god, look @ this pretentious hipster piece of shit.

  9. Motherfucker September 16, 2011

    Motherfuck you all

  10. Ben September 16, 2011

    that version of Walk with Me w/Neil Young is amazing!

  11. Bettina Richards September 16, 2011

    omg this is like so totally awesome!

  12. goon September 16, 2011

    90’s flannel shirts sucked, first Pearl Jam album ok.

  13. Joan the Rebel Eater September 16, 2011

    Hipsters only like albums without instruments, or poorly played ones. We are too busy ripping off mexican culture and acting holier than thou to listen to something like this and it should be removed promptly.

    After all, this wouldn’t sound good on the drugs we pretend like we do to be cool. I need bass! I need synth! How could I listen to this if people have heard of it?

  14. FUCK HATERS September 16, 2011

    FUCK HATERS, I FUCKING LISTEN TO PEARL JAM AND BASS MUSIC as DUBSTEP, D&B and many others “styles” aswell.

  15. Someguy. September 17, 2011

    Srsly, open your fucking mind. Music existed before 2000, this is a great mainstream band. I really hate fucking hipsters that can’t appreciate mainstream bands or old bands or both!

    Joan the Rebel Eater said it all in all it’s sarcasm.

  16. mike September 17, 2011

    Thumbs up.

    I weigh in on the “Good band” side of the argument. Relax with the hate. It’s MUSIC and it’s way above average.

    Besides, we can agree that we all like music or else we wouldn’t be using this wonderful website….

  17. Cough please September 17, 2011

    What the hell are all these 50 year old guys doing on this site?

    • Joan the Rebel Eater September 18, 2011

      Pearl Jam have been a band for 20 years. Are you implying that people don’t start listening to music until they are 30?

      For your sake I hope that is true, because you are most likely 14 and listening to some dubstep album that sounds like an old Italian lady shuffling through a cabinet of pots and pans just because some website gave it a 7.2 out of 8.6. Maybe in 16 years you’ll start listening to actual music created with musical instruments, and in 36 years you’ll be belittled by some clueless morons and referred to as old.

  18. !!@#$%^&@#$ September 21, 2011

    Dude what the hell are you talking about.
    If you lot are using this page its probably because you like music in general ,and its really annoying that people think that only they have good taste in music ,knock it off assholes probably all the indie bands that you liked used to listen to this fuckers.
    PS: good music have no genre and it doesn’t come with a due date .

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