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Dirty Gold / Roar [2011]

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  1. brian fellows August 4, 2011

    beachy keen…

  2. Bettina Richards August 4, 2011

    solo project from the bass player of Metronomy

    • Herb MacHerb August 4, 2011

      Source? It’s the first time I hear this and I didn’t find anything to confirm it yet…

    • Kevin August 5, 2011

      Not true. These are a bunch of teenagers from Cali. Great music nonetheless.

    • j August 5, 2011

      wrong. they’re from san diego

    • woah August 6, 2011

      i got it, don’t worry

  3. haircut August 5, 2011

    really good for this sunny summer friday, this ep has ensured that i will wake up at 10am and head straight for the beach tomorrow.

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