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Bibio / T.O.Y.S. [2011]

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  1. REVIEWS August 1, 2011

    I dont get it. Is this REALLY the same guy who did the awsome Ambivalence Avenue?? This is just sad.

    • a gee August 2, 2011

      The same. I kind of dig this stuff, though…Mind Bokeh was all over the place.

  2. bbbbbbbbbbbb August 2, 2011

    this is lovely minus the title single track.
    first track kills it.
    there’s an 80’s tune complete with vocoder & an over the top electric solo, but it is still great.
    the alt version of t.o.y.s. is also features an electric solo, but is nice though.

    & yes this is still the guy that has many great albums, not just ambivalence

  3. Arsenal August 3, 2011

    his first 3 LP’s are just brilliant. not keen on this though.

  4. c August 7, 2011

    why does there seem to be a new bibio release like every other day now?

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