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The Black Dog / Liber Kult [2011]

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  1. REVIEWS July 30, 2011

    Thank you!

  2. jesus July 30, 2011

    Para cuando se espera el disco largo?

  3. jesus July 30, 2011

    Hay ganacas de perraco!!!

  4. kidfortoday July 30, 2011


  5. notim prest July 30, 2011

    ok, i’m gonna be the jerk to say it. I’d rather listen to a Plaid album. at least they know how to create complex rhythms. steady decline for TBD since spanners (that’s a 16 year decline). music for real airports was ok, but seriously, what happened? this stuff is color by numbers boring.

    • jim August 1, 2011

      fucking jerk. what a fuck ass jerk off thing to say. P.S. fucking jerk.

    • tsuki777 August 1, 2011

      agreed. meh.

      • tsuki777 August 1, 2011

        agreeing to it sounding crap that is…

  6. Zinnc August 4, 2011

    The Black Dog just hasn’t interested me since Andy Turner and Ed Handley left and formed Plaid. This ep is pleasant enough but ultimately forgettable music. (Tracklist : Black Chamber Order 07:48, Bass Mantra 06:17 – both tracks are on YouTube.)

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