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Machine Drum / Room(s) [2011]

[DF] [FS] [BS]


  1. anonymous July 8, 2011

    Knew you guys would have this ASAP, much appreciated- Summer jams ahoy!

  2. Sabrina Lee July 8, 2011

    Thank you so much for this. ‘Lay Me Down’ is amazing, right up to last few seconds. But so are the others x

  3. Ian July 8, 2011

    Yes, yes yes! So thankful for this. Defo purchasing when it drops. Cheers gang!

    • Ian July 8, 2011

      Jesus – record of the year. This bitch is banana’s, and has raised the bar for everyone across the board. Huge!

  4. jim July 8, 2011

    Love Machine Drum. Such a talented dude and deserves more attention than the likes of Zomby who seems to get by on gimmicks and hype most of the time. Sepalcure are also amazing.

  5. Prison Garde July 8, 2011

    You rat fuckers. You should have kept this leak locked until you had masters. God knows Machinedrum gives away / makes more shit available to the public than 95% of electronic artists. Hard working artists like him deserve the respect of (AT LEAST) a proper leak. Fuck this site.

    • jake July 11, 2011

      Just visited your website and your music sucks real bad! Fucking posing with your gear, no one gives a fuck if the music sucks balls. What a load of old wank!

    • Ian July 11, 2011

      How do you know that this isn’t the mastered version? It sounds dynamite. It sounds a lot better than the Sacred Frequency leak posted a few weeks ago.

      Anyhow, a great rec which I’ll certainly grab from the shop when it lands.

      • Ian July 11, 2011

        …. further more I’ve listened to your music and it is rubbish!

        • Prison Garde July 11, 2011

          Listen you two! My music is the shit! I’m considered amongst my friends as the Aphex Twin of my street. I’m a Fruity Loops master mother fuckers! Screw you fuck drops. Fuck this site!

  6. BART July 8, 2011

    not trolling, but wondering if and how much prison garde has d/l from this site that hasn’t been proper/of substantial audio quality.

    but i hear ya man!

    • BART July 8, 2011

      by the way, need that new nguzunguzu.

  7. kidfortoday July 9, 2011

    Great stuff, would dig to see Travis live

  8. BART July 9, 2011

    many thanks.

  9. Prison Garde July 11, 2011

    Um, second post was not mine, but apparently the anon features of this site are amazing at not remembering IP’s. I know that these are premasters because I actually get tracks directly from people like Machinedrum because as many folks have noticed, my music is rubbish. Buncha fucking posers. Come see me in real life, I am in my gallery in Gastown, all day everyday.

    • Ian July 12, 2011

      Same – the second “…I’ve listened to your music…” Ian isn’t me. I try to not to start flame wars, but further the discussion. I haven’t heard your music.

      • Prison Garde July 12, 2011

        Take a listen, tell me what you think

        • Ian July 12, 2011

          Heard better stuff TBH

          • Ian July 12, 2011

            Again, not me. If I listen, I’ll let you know. I won’t talk shit – not my style.

  10. haircut July 11, 2011

    just getting better with every spin

  11. Ian July 12, 2011

    …. didn’t like it

    • Ian July 12, 2011

      Would you mind using a different name or adding an initial or two? It was funny at first, but it’s a little annoying. Thanks man.

      • Prison Garde July 12, 2011

        Sorry Ian it was me all along using your name. I thought it might generate interest and get more people going to my site because no one wants to listen to my shit! I will now use the name ‘Ian AKA PG’ so people know it is me pretending to be someone else other than you.

  12. Ian AKA PG July 12, 2011

    Don’t visit Prison Garde’s site! *Nudge Nudge Wink Wink*

  13. Ian July 13, 2011

    Oh fuck, Rob – it’s you. Ian from LOLA here. You’re causing all this shit up here? I should have known. When will we see your jams up here?

  14. Prison Garde July 13, 2011

    Ian: as soon as people start respecting guys that actually write the music that they leak all day. For now, people are gonna have to wait. Because of shit like this, it is making it impossible to even give track to your homies, because people wanna get cool points for letting out premasters.

    ps: the Nouveau Palais shit will be out soon, and most of these posts aren’t mines.

  15. Sheen July 16, 2011

    Also heard this was not the mastered version. We shall see.

  16. Ian August 19, 2011

    Ian here, listened to your shitty ass music. and let me tell ya, it sure is shitty ass music

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