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D.O.K / West Coast EP [2011]

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  1. P N June 27, 2011

    Yes! Been trying to find this for two weeks now. Yet again, nodata comes through!

    • jim June 28, 2011

      Have you tried a shop you fucking cheap bastard?

      • ABC June 28, 2011

        Whoa, guy, we’re all pirates here.

        • jim June 28, 2011

          then fuck you too Davy Jones

          • ABC June 28, 2011

            I’m actually Davy Crockett.

      • ellipses June 28, 2011

        Yeah but seriously it’s a valid point, if you want it THAT badly then buy it.

        • [-o-] June 28, 2011

          dont spend money in something that got the word “HYPE” on it !!!

          • jim June 28, 2011

            don’t talk utter shit at every opportunity

  2. Señor June 28, 2011

    Yes, Nodata is King!

    • jim June 28, 2011

      King for a peasant like yourself who can’t even put their hand in their pocket to buy a fucking MP3

      • jim aretard June 28, 2011

        What are u doing on this site then? Only looking at the pretty album covers I’m sure.

        • jim June 28, 2011

          baiting fuckos

  3. Bettina Richards June 28, 2011

    hella chill brah

    • jim June 28, 2011

      Do you talk like that all the time? You sound fucking ridiculous and borderline retarded. Suck a big fat dick.

      • REVIEWS June 28, 2011

        The thing is: its a terrible 2 tracks. I dowmlaoded it, then deleated it. As i recall, it was gay.

        • electronicat June 28, 2011

          How exactly can music be ‘gay’? Bearing in mind that even the Pet Shop Boys singing about rimming George Michael would make only the lyrics, and not make the song itself, anywhere near ‘gay’. Unless you meant gay in the way that 6 year old kids mean it. Grow up you fucking closet-case. And don’t worry about buying the tracks, but please buy an English dictionary for sure.

          • puppytron June 29, 2011

            Its funny you should ask, I was thinking about defining “gay” in my previous post, its also funny you should mention “closet”, because thats the kind of gay I ment. Have you ever listened to SKRILLEX? Like that, you know those parties filled with baggy-pants & ball-cap wearing “gangsta” ravers who talk shit about “homos”, but then, when they get really drunk, and the auto-tuner is just pumpin’, you find them making out behind the porta-jhon? And then they get angry at you for discovering them? THAT kinda gay, as I recall.

          • not gay June 29, 2011

            what a gay post

  4. Jed June 29, 2011

    Anyone who really loves music still buys vinyl. homo’s

  5. Ian June 30, 2011

    Thanks for the laughs, folks. I’m gonna say what’s up to Lil B, cause his shit’s ultra gay!

  6. Snoph July 13, 2011

    I tought to get wiser about this record by reading these comments.
    What a heap of nonsense.
    I guess I will have to download it to get wiser about it.
    And if it is any good I go out and buy it.
    Vinyl rules and it has nothing to do with being gay or so ;-)

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